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With modern age technology kicking in, everyone is hitting on social media. Whether it’s to read some car guys blog or to become famous on Instagram. Even though everything is online we forget we have eyes and can advertise our Instagram in real life too using Custom Car Window Stickers.

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Advertise Your Instagram

Also known as decals / vinyl, these are a great way to advertise yourself to the world via your car on the public roads. It’s becoming more common practise to put these stickers on and you will see them more at car shows. The Instagram @‘s will usually take you to a page filled with that cars pictures, as it’ll have its own personal page.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with advertising your page or having a dedicated car page, it’s very common nowadays for people to do it. Even Boost And Camber have an Instagram full of pictures of cars.

But why do people do it?

Instagram fame is now a thing. People actually make money by putting their face online. But it’s not just their faces that are going viral, it’s also their cars. If someone’s car is modified a certain way that makes it recognizable to them they probably have an Instagram for it and a few hundred followers, but if you want to increase your followers, you’ve got to advertise.

Why Is This A Thing?

Car lovers all over have started sharing their passion online, sharing and creating pages. The reason these guys do it is insta fame, the more followers and likes you get, the more fame you get.

If you become insta famous you will be known as an influencer, this means you have a high reach of people which most brands and companies love and if you do them a quick advert on your page you will get paid. Who doesn’t want to get paid to take selfies?

So people have taken to using their cars in search of insta fame. Which is cool, it gives most of us inspiration on how to modify our cars and we get to see the process with some too, like build projects.

The best way to advertise is to show the world you are on Instagram, this can be done by putting your username on your car window. Simple and effective, plus you might make a few local friends along the way that admire your car.

Should My Car Have An Instagram?

Sure! I don’t see why not. If you have a passion or a hobby or a love, why hide it, create a personal space for it for everyone to see. There’s no shame in being proud of something you love.

Loads of people are now taking to car Instagram and sometimes you see a car you really like drive past or at a show and you just want to see more of it, or it’s story and how it started, which means you gotta try to find it on Instagram. If they have their own account and they have a sticker, you’ll find them nice and simple.

So yes, if you have an interesting build or a passion for your car, share it, we all love to see peoples rides and see what’s happening next.

Where Can I Buy Them?

These are all over, you can find them on Amazon though for a range of prices. They also do Facebook page one’s if you’re interested in them.

Your best bet I would say is check these links. For a few quid you could be telling the world about your new Instagram profile and getting hundreds of likes in no time

Shop for Instagram Username Stickers click here.

Shop for Facebook page stickers click here.

Shop for funny car stickers click here.

Shop for Carbon Fibre style Vinyl click here.

That last one, carbon fibre vinyl is a great way to modernize bits of your car for not too much money. It can enhance the lamest of stereo systems by just sticking a roll of this. Either that or there are packs of 100’s of Stickers so you can sticker bomb, which still looks pretty cool by today’s standards.

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Thanks for reading.

Happy sticking