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How often do you look at your car and wish you had new parts. How often do you wish you had the parts you want now just to finish what you started? Well, it’s the 21st century guys!! You can now get coilovers on finance! In fact, you can get any parts on finance!

This to me is game changing, it means we can skint ourselves before we’ve got the money to skint ourselves in order to do what we want now!! Who doesn’t want to do everything in the now and not have to save up?

Just to confirm, I don’t condone lending beyond your limits, lend responsibly and only borrow what you can afford. But if your sensible and know what your doing lend away and get those parts on your car! This post is just to help you decide whether finance is a good idea for your next set of coilovers.

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Why Finance Car Parts?

Just like cars, houses, sofas or anything you can purchase, there comes a time you might need to borrow some money, whether it’s from a friend, parents or the bank. Buying coilovers or any car part is no different. Sometimes you just need something and you can’t wait.

Financing car parts is a great way to get your project done now rather than in 3 years time when you’ve saved up your cash. Personally, I like to do my stuff in the now and pay it back over time because it gives me the chance to budget better and build my project quicker.

But it’s all about you and what you want to do. The reasons you might want to finance would be to get your build done quicker and budget better but you might want to save and have the cash to buy your coilovers in a few months or years later. It’s entirely up to you.

Isn’t Finance Cheating?

After some recent debates and the car culture being slammed for everyone using finance to get their cars built or to buy a cool car, people have come to the conclusion that finance is a bad option. In my eyes, it’s not. Finance is just another option for funding whatever you’re buying.

The reason it gets slated so bad is because it means people can afford more and do more with their cars, whether it’s a good set of wheels or getting your car wrapped. To me, being able to do more is surely a good thing, having the freedom to express yourself.

I think the issue people have with them thinking it’s cheating is because they think you haven’t worked for it. But really you haven’t worked for it yet. It’s not cheating it’s just getting what you want now and paying installments, which is backwards to buying outright, where you save installments to get something later.

So if you think finance is cheating consider these statements

  • buy now, pay later
  • pay now, buy later

Either way, it’s all personal preference and no one really minds how you fund your car parts but it is certainly not cheating as you still have to pay for whatever you buy!

Finance Vs Credit Card

If you’ve come to the conclusion to buy your coilovers / wheels / air suspension via some form of credit, you might be weighing up your options. Both credit cards and finance do the same thing, they front you money to pay for goods in the promise that you pay back.

A credit card is a great way to access quick cash to spend when you need it, although it can be easy for you to get carried away, which we don’t recommend. Be sensible with a credit card because you are more likely to overspend. On top of that, credit cards need paying and with minimums being an option, it can be easy to get lazy paying them.

Finance for car Parts is a little different, you borrow the exact amount for the parts you want, you have a monthly bill and a set end date where you know you’ll finish making payments. Not only that, most car places offer a 0% loan, which means you can still buy your parts without gaining interest and just pay what it owe.

Key points to take away when choosing your credit options are do you want to pay on a card, have a bill every month and pay however much you want (so long as it’s at least your minimum) or do you want a clear end date with a set monthly bill? We would say finance is the best option for anyone looking to buy your car modifications.

Who Offers Financed Coilovers

Most companies will now offer some form of finance, for literally anything. A lot of retail finance is 0% APR aswel which means whatever you buy is all you pay for.

Some of the top place that offer finance for Coilovers or Air Suspension include:

  • Demon Tweeks
  • Air Technik
  • Fitment Industries
  • Lk Performance
  • Pumaspeed

These places offer genuine products, are dependable businesses and most importantly a 0% APR.

Is It Really Ruining The Game?

If making everything affordable and just breaking down big bills into easy manageable monthly bills, all just to do something creative and be a bit different from the guy next door, is ruining the game? Then I really don’t know what is wrong with the world.

If you’re smart you won’t get into debt, but if you can afford the repayments then there shouldn’t be a problem, it’s only like saving monthly in order to buy later, only you don’t have to wait.

The game has just changed, it’s not ruined, its just become affordable for everyone.

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