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Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in this day and age and is constantly growing. Not bad for an app that has millions of selfies uploaded a day. But what’s if it wasn’t just selfies and pictures of someone’s dinner? What about the cars of Instagram?

Cars are a big thing now, with their own Instagram, project builds, track cars, they have their own personalities. Even people that are famous are known by their car. Mental right?

But how can you boost your Instagram game and get more likes for your car profile and become Instafamous and earn money online using pictures of your ride? I will go through some ideas on how to get your likes up, just apply them and you’ll be on your way to the top!

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Follow Top Content

If you’re like me, I always have to find the best of the best, good quality in everything in my life. From pictures to brands. And just like anything I Buy, I like to buy into Instagram profiles, making sure whatever I’m looking at is good quality.

That means finding the best pictures with stuff that I can relate to and enjoy looking at. That way I’m not getting crud on my news feed.

Instagram is a great way to get ideas for car modifications too, so if your not following the best, your not going to find good mod ideas. But why should you find the best?

You’re mind is your most powerful tool in this world and you create in your own world what your mind sees. So if you’re seeing stuff that you don’t necessarily like, you will attract that into your life. But if you see stuff you want and like in life, you will get more of it.

I’ve been staring at pictures of RX 7’s and S2000’s since I was old enough and I’m still waiting though.

Either way, you gotta follow the good branded accounts with the top content.

Finding The Best Accounts

Sometimes it’s not as simple as typing content in your search bar that you already know is a great brand, because you know they got good stuff. But how did they get a following? How did they get to 1M followers?

If you really want to find good stuff, get searching through other people’s profiles, see who they are following, see who’s taking the time to comment on other people’s pages, who’s networking with the top brands.

More than likely the people that are putting in the effort are trying to reach out to their audience, so they probably put a lot of effort into their content too.

The good thing about commenting on someone with a good account has a following already and might have a few people already commenting on their posts, so if you comment too, more people can see that, so your profile is getting out there!

The best accounts are the ones with loads of regular uploads, quality photos, a strong following and with pictures of relevant content that really captures your eye.

Like, Follow and Comment

Most people say these things on YouTube, it’s not all about building their own brand either, it will help your credibility when you do all those things.

If you’re part of a conversation in real life and say nothing, no one will acknowledge you, speak up, follow them, high five them, you’ll get pretty well noticed, same for instagram!

If you do all those things on a popular account, people will see you and want to know what you’re about too, so you will get more likes and follows yourself! Pretty cool huh?

So if you’re already talking to people with a similar interest and you like what they talk and post about and other like-minded people are liking and following you as a result, you’ll make friends and connections you probably didn’t think normally possible!

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Car Profiles

There are a lot of car profiles on Instagram, one of them being our own, you might have even found this post from our Instagram! Some of the top ones we like include

There are soooo many more but the list would go on and on. These are definitely ones to add and like and comment on if you love stance cars and want to modify your car in such a way! They have great cars uploaded daily, so you can really get a great inspiration from following these!

If you’re not into stanced cars but still love luxury, rally, super cars, there are good pages for them too, in fact, we would say follow them too because they have plenty of good stuff!

Follow Us On Instagram

We are relatively new to Instagram, we do post daily, but we really want to build up our Instagram following. So if you want to be part of something right at the very beginning of something big, get joining now.

Follow us @boost_and_camber and check out our content.

We do pay it back and often try to send a like back your way! We do shout outs on the odd occasion to help you guys out with your insta game.

If you have anything you would like to see on our Instagram or you want us to write about, drop a comment below and we will get back to you!

Thanks for reading!



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