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So the new year is coming and you want to know where to take your pride and joy next year. It’s been a good year of modifying, detailing and tuning.

But now you want to take your car to a show or you want to try a new show or you just want to go and see some cars. In this piece I’m going to go through some of the UKs top Car Shows for 2020 and what to look out for.

Keep in mind there are still hundreds of other shows to go to, plenty around the UK, but I am just picking out some of the top ones, if I missed one, please comment below to help others find their next show.

Disclosure: Posts on BoostAndCamber include ads and affiliate links where if a sale is concluded through the links, BoostAndCamber receive a small commission at no cost to yourself to help with the running of the site.

Modified Nationals

Probably one of the top modified car shows in the UK, with thousands of people turning up the event every year. This event has something for everyone in the modified car community. It has modified cars of all levels, super bike shows, drift shows and loads of cool trade stands. It has literally everything you want out of a show.

Modified nationals is going to be held at Peterborough Show Ground between the 30th and 31st of May 2020 and you can buy single day passes, weekend tickets and early bird passes. Then if your looking to show your car, they have club passes for that aswel!

If you need to camp over there is a camping ground, with several set rules, understandable. We don’t want a bad name for ourselves do we.

But if you are after more information on this event or to buy tickets CLICK HERE

Gravity UK

SlammedUK boasts this event to be the biggest they have done yet, with a new indoor hall and bigger grassy area to accompany all the cars. With the rise of the last 4 years and this year to be set to be the biggest, all sponsored by Red Bull Motorsport.

The event will take place at Stoneleigh Park on the 5th of July 2020 with a gravity show, live DJ’s, food and beverages and the usual trade stands.

Gravity UK is fast becoming one of the top shows for slammed cars in the UK, creating a massive following and giving more back to the stance guys who share the same passion.

For more information or buy tickets CLICK HERE

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Fitted UK

Fitted UK is into its 7th year of shows, saying they have the biggest indoor venue for their show cars. Held at Eventcity on the 7th of June and sponsored by several brands, these guys know their stuff.

They say in the past over 8,000 people have attended their shows every year and they plan to get bigger and more people to turn up.

Fitted UK has their annual show and shine, so if your looking to get on a stand you need to go through inquiries on their website fast as spaces fill quick. Just keep an eye out on their Facebook and website for when applications open again.

These guys have the show and shine, club stands and trade stands, a great place to be during June.

For more information or buy tickets CLICK HERE

Broke Boys At The Farm

Some more new boys on the block making big waves! Broke boys are back for a fourth year and they are coming back hard. Working all day and night on their new barn to give you the best experience and all your trader needs.

Broke boys are set to be ready by the 28th of June 2020 at Warwickshire Event Center. With VIP stands and trade stands, this is going to be their biggest event to date!

Are you going to be there?

For more information or buy tickets CLICK HERE

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Stance Fever

Starting back in 2014, these guys are coming up to their 6th annual show, ready to hit it with plenty of stance cars to go view or show, they are looking to take on new talent too at the moment so if you are interested in becoming part of something big, check out their website

This show will be at Cressing Temple Barns on the 19th of July 2020 with what seems to be big plans ahead. So keep your eyes peeled for this one!

For more information or buy tickets CLICK HERE

Boost And Camber Shows To Come

As there are so many other shows going off in the UK, we couldn’t condense everything into one post but if you are looking to get involved in everything this coming year check out THIS LINK to give you a better coverage. These were just some top picks for stance and slammed cars.

Boost And Camber will also be looking to run our own shows in the future too, a long way in the future, but keep your eyes ready, we plan to start something just and big and powerful as these shows, as well as having our Stance Scotland Route 66 cruise.

To everyone organizing car shows in 2020, all the best! And good luck!


Founder of Boost And Camber

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