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Your girlfriend / boyfriend / partner is sick of you going on and on, they’ve heard it all, they just drown you out now when you rabble on. They don’t understand the disease that’s coursing through your blood. Car addiction is a real thing and if you have these 5 things, it could be fatal.

Of course that last sentence was pure banter, nothing bad is going to happen for having a seriously unhealthy attitude towards cars, except maybe you might zone out more than most people at the sound of a nearby GTR. I would consider that normal.

So read on and find out if any of these apply to you and you are too.. a car addict.

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1. You Get Car Tourette’s

OK so I sort of lied, this one can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re driving. Very often I’ll be walking down a road or driving through town and I’ll catch a glimpse or hear a faint sound of a familiar car.

Then I start with the rubber necking to take in more information, just biding my time, ready to release the verbal diarrhea that is inevitable.

It’ll often start with basic information, make / model / specifications. Then it will move on to stage 2, engine size, standard bhp, 0-60 times. Then the ultimate stage 3, potential modifications and where I saw the one with the most power. It usually goes on for at least 10 minutes per car. I’m not allowed out anymore.

2. Your Social Media Is Pure Car Porn

I think most NORMAL men and women have photos of the opposite sex on their social media’s, I’m not too sure though, I have always been that car guy for as long as I can remember. Everything I view on my social media is car related.

Sometimes my missus thinks I’m messaging other girls, then I show her what I’m looking at and it’s usually a nice picture of an RX-7 or something else related.

My top feeds are always something to do with cars and modifications. I like it this way, it gets me an easy fix and saves me having to scroll for it and get through all the relationship mush and baby photos. Cars is where it’s at.

3. Your Broke Because Of Car Parts

Living paycheck to paycheck always sucks, but when all your credit cards are maxed out to Demon Tweeks and eBay, you might have a problem. Even selling a kidney over one of your project cars to finish another project car is starting to sound like a pretty good deal.

If you are broke and struggling, please do not sell your kidneys, sell someone else’s, that stuff hurts. But in all honesty we’ve all been there. That one problem you thought one last purchase would solve ain’t cutting it and you need to be track ready next weekend.

This is a tell-tale sign you are devoted to cars and spending every penny on them tells us they mean a lot to you. It’s OK bro, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone. 10mm sockets soon add up.

4. Autotrader Is Like Tinder To You

I’ve been trying to hook up with a little twin turbo number for a while now, but her digits are too unobtainable. I am talking about the mk4 Supra. I ain’t getting my hands over one of them anytime soon.

I’m forever searching trying to find a new match, I believe there is another out there somewhere that wants to live on my drive. I haven’t found her yet, but the right one will come along.

Autotrader is a great way to find cars and when you find the perfect one, hold onto it and never let go, true love only comes around once in a lifetime.

5. You Keep Searching For ANOTHER Project Car

So you gotta piece of work you’re dealing with, aswel as the other one that’s covered up till summer, then there’s your daily driver. But you gotta have more, totally a sign of a car addict, the worst sign there is.

This isn’t a bad thing, well it is if you ran out of room and have to start parking your cars on your neighbors drive and they start charging you rent. Either way, you want a new project, look it’s cool, we all want more projects.

No man / woman will ever have too many projects, projects are dreams, don’t let anyone tell you not to dream! Dreaming is what makes the world go round, as well as you’re tires because let’s face it, they don’t turn in real life, not yet anyway.

There Is Help Out There

If you have all of these known signs of Car Addiction, you’re more than likely beyond help, you might aswel grab another beer and get back out there with your buds and carry on taking apart your diff. Because you know, it’s gotta get done.

There’s nothing wrong with having a car addiction, this post is for pure fun, there is nothing to worry about. There are 100’s of 1,000’s or people OBSESSED with cars, if there weren’t, we wouldn’t have the different car mods, brands, YouTube channels and even blogs!!

So if you think you’re obsessed, get a comment dropped below, we are with you home slice, keep in touch! If you need to fill out your social media with more car porn, add us on Instagram @boostandcamber!!

Stay fresh Car Addicts


Founder of Boost And Camber

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