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Stance life is really starting to see a massive following in the UK and USA after it was all derived from Japan. Camber is just one aspect of a properly stanced car. Cambergang is a way of life.

So if you really want to know what it is to hashtag Cambergang and be part of a following and join the rest of the Camber community, read on brother.

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What Is Cambergang?

Cambergang is a lifestyle brand that was created in the USA, they have a following on Instagram and Facebook. They mainly sell clothing and post fantastic pictures of cars.

Although it really is more than that. Although they advertise a sick brand of clothing, their hashtag Cambergang shows is that anyone with a cambered car is part of the gang and to be initiated you need 3 things.

  1. Coilovers / Air Ride
  2. Some Dope Rims
  3. Camber

Once you have all those things, you’ve hashtagged your ride on Instagram, you are now part of the Cambergang and the following. Now all you have to do is buy some Cambergang merch and know your part of an elite bunch of people.

The Cambergang hashtag currently has around 2.4 million posts, so you know it’s a massive fan base, so why not join in and share your car with the community.

While you’re at it, why not join the #boostandcamber following and add that to your next hashtag.

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Coilovers / Air Ride

Lowering your car is always a first starting point for us when your looking to modify your car. To get super low, we recommend Coilovers or Bags.

Either way, whichever you choose, make sure it gets slammed all the way down, don’t worry about the consequences, all the way down!

Coilovers are normally cheaper than air ride, but they are a lot firmer and your bum may go numb, especially on long rides to the next show.

Although air ride is more expensive, you get a better quality ride and you can let the air out, wherever you go, even Tesco car park on the weekly shop.

Once you have chosen either Coilovers or Air Ride, you have it installed and you’re rolling in your lowered car, it’s time to take it to the next level as your wheels need an overhaul from those OEM 5 spokes.

Dope Rims

One very major part of bringing out the best in your ride is some sick deep dish rims. They don’t even have to be deep dish, they do make a big difference though.

The only thing being make sure you find the right wheel for your car. The wrong size or style can make a car look weird. If you’re struggling to find a set that looks good, ask a professional wheel dealer, they will be able to guide you in choosing the right brand.

Some top types of wheel are forged, 2 piece and 3 piece. Brands such as 3sdm, Volk, Enkei And Rotiform. Although there are hundreds of brands you can chose from.

For me wheels are like shoes for your car and they are a big expense, try asking around and googling to see what they might look like before you buy into a big commitment.

All this being said, once you have the perfect rims and offset, your car is lowered beyond belief and you’re feeling pretty good about your car, you can either stop or carry on with the next step. Camber.

Mega Camber

Camber is the reason we are here, to lower your car and put some cool wheels on it is one thing, but to dramatically change the look of your car, you gotta add some camber.

Adding Camber can be as simple as adding some Camber bolts and just having a play around with the setup on your drive. Or you could go nuts and do some crazy fabrication, either way choice is yours.

Just add Camber.

Once you get the Camber, you literally have in essence joined the Cambergang. You are now officially in. Just gotta hashtag that and join the online community and share you pics with the world.

Don’t forget to get to a show, show all your hard work off and enjoy knowing you took the necessary steps to owning a true stanced car.

To get the looks you want do take a lot of tinkering and playing around with geometric, but you will get there and you will create something truely unique.

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Become Part Of The Gang

You’ve created your perfect ride, you’ve spent months and thousands getting everything on point. That’s the hard part over with. Now comes the fun stuff. Showing it off to the world.

Take it to shows, hashtag Cambergang, sport some Cambergang Merch from Whatever you chose to do, don’t hide it away, we all love to see people’s projects, it’s what makes us car guys tick. We want to see your rides.

So if you do own a cool stanced car, why not #boostandcamber? We would love to see your modified creations.

If you think we missed anything on this post or just want to join the chat, comment below, or if you want to see great Camber content, follow us on Instagram @boost_and_camber

Happy Slamming guys


Founder of Boost And Camber

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