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Something that’s really becoming popular in the modified car culture and taking the world by storm are wide body kits. The leading company in our eyes are the Liberty Walk Body Kits, which really stand out from the crowd and … Read more

Is everyone in agreement that it’s about time there was a shop that outshines Halfords in the way of aftermarket parts, detailing supplies and offers something unique to the car culture? There is one that is taking the scene by … Read more

How often do you look at your car and wish you had new parts. How often do you wish you had the parts you want now just to finish what you started? Well, it’s the 21st century guys!! You can … Read more

Stancing your car for perfect fitment isn’t the easiest of jobs and most people will tell you what works and what doesn’t without actually trying it themselves. This includes Wheel Spacers. But are Wheel Spacers Bad for your car?

In … Read more

Ever thought about what the number one engine swap of all time would be? Maybe you’ve seen those memes’s about LS Swap the world? Maybe there’s a reason people talk so much about LS swapping?

Well in this post we … Read more

Everyone who loves cars, loves the thought of lowering their ride height. It’s a thing car guys and gals do, it just improves the look of the car! But what most beginners want to know is “where can I lower … Read more

Finding a new set of shoes for your car can get a little confusing, it can get a little daunting at times with the choices that are out there. Even just picking a wheel size to suit can sometimes be … Read more

Following your passions isn’t something everyone can do with ease, it takes hard work, dedication, motivation and perseverance. Not to mention all the little hurdle along the way. But Krispy Media have been following their passion since 2009 and are … Read more

So we’ve seen a lot of challenges on the internet, the ASL Ice bucket challenge, the manikin challenge, ghost chilli challenge. EVEN Car Throttles own car challenges, where they buy a banger for £500. But what is a cheap car … Read more

Is there or is there not something classy about air suspension? Doesn’t it just scream top end parts and boys toys? All that pssshhhh and air out, just says money money money. But before you go picking yourself up some … Read more