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One of the best car brands on the market has to be the Porsche. They were once a car no one but the rich could afford, but now life is changing and the Porsche is affordable. So here’s our tips to buying a used Porsche, even if you’re a seasoned car buying expert.

Some of these tips you might find useful, some you might not be too worried about, but you can use these tips as a guideline to help prevent you from getting stuck with a lemon of a car, because no one wants that, especially not a Porsche owner!

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1. Appreciate Or Depreciate

One great aspect of the Porsche is they hold their money well. The only issue is over the years they have taken some huge hits and although certain models of Porsche seem to be going up in value, others don’t seem to be doing so well. Although this could work in your favour.

Some of the Porsche’s that have recently taken a dive, that we believe will rise again include:

  • 911
  • 924
  • 944
  • 968
  • Boxster S

You might not agree with the Boxster S, but believe it or not they are still a desirable car and their dip in price might be for a few years but they will soon start to be a sought after car if well maintained.

2. What’s Its Background?

With any car it’s always best to check out its background and find out a little about its past. Whether that’s just checking it’s failed MOT’s, and what it was advised on or reading through the countless number of receipts to find out the work carried out.

You can do MOT checks using the Vehicle Smart APP, which gives you its whole life’s fails and advisories, which will give you an idea of any work carried out to keep the car on the road. It also allows you to find out whether the cars ever been in a write off, stolen or on finance.

Always best to run a quick check and see what they don’t tell you.

3. Coupe or Cabriolet?

Most Porsche’s come in Coupe or Cabriolet and deciding between the two can be difficult to choose from. There aren’t many differences in performance except the cabriolet is slightly slower as they have more reinforcement on the chassis.

Although the Cabriolet is still a quick car, the joy of driving round with the roof down on sunny days is really something to consider when deciding between the two. On the other hand the coupe has more of a sports car feel and you don’t risk someone ripping your roof making this a safer option.

But who likes safe? We didn’t consider buying a Porsche because they are safe. Either way the decision is in your own hands, we personally love the look of a Coupe over the Cabriolet but a lot of Porsche owners say it’s not a Porsche if it doesn’t have a soft top.

4. Trust In Rust

When buying any car, keep your eyes peeled for surface rust, especially on the arches. Surface rust could mean there is something underlying or could weaken the structure of the car. Although I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy any car with rust, just be aware of it and take the cost to repair in mind.

If you do come across an absolute belter of a deal and you don’t think you can pass it up but it does have some surface rust around the arches, that repair costs for rust can be anywhere upto £10,000, especially when you have to take into consideration replacement parts, man-hours and paint required.

Although if you do have the perfect car at the right price and even with repairs, still makes it a good buy, go for it, rust can be repaired. You should never hold back when you find the perfect Porsche.

5. Run Forest Run

Just like any car you want to purchase, we recommend taking them out for a run, stretch their legs and see how they perform. This isn’t about having fun with someone else’s car, this is making sure there are no serious issues with the engine, the clutch and there’s no banging, knocking or other strange noises.

The reason for this is to make sure you aren’t going to be spending way more than you anticipated, if you do find a noise, recognize what it’s going to cost and you anticipate it in your budget, you know if you can afford what’s to come. It’s a good reason to take a car out.

Although Porsche’s are very reliable cars and are renowned for their engineering, they are mechanical items that wear and tear like anything else and Porsche parts aren’t cheap. So make sure you take it for a run and anticipate any potential issues.

6. It’s A Hard Life

Buying a used Porsche, you know someone has a lot of love for a beautiful car and has probably driven it with care and serviced it accordingly, not to mention taken care of the paintwork to prevent the rust. And even though they are strong cars, they are still a sports car and are driven like them from time to time.

In the wrong hands they can be driven hard and rough, meaning they can have a bit of a hard life. This isn’t ideal when you’re looking for something fun for the weekends or to show off your hard work! So just be aware of who or where you are buying from and make your checks.

Other than that, they are a Porsche, they are made for fun, just not red lined from cold everyday like they’ve just been stolen or used to rob a bank. So just find one that looks and sounds like it’s been well looked after and you’ll be onto a winner you can keep running for years.

7. Is It Worth The Hassle?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether what you’re buying is worth the hassle and on the odd occasion just walk away knowing you didn’t buy a lemon.

Luckily Porsche are some of the best cars you can buy for the money and are definitely worth what you spend, meaning you aren’t going to get much hassle from buying one, but in the instance you do, feel free to say no. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

8. Gold Or Banger

You’ve already made the first step to buying gold, you really can’t go wrong with Porsche and the great thing about them is a lot of them appreciate in value. They have a lot of character and you can fall in love with one from the minute you get in the Drivers seat.

On the flip side there are still bangers out there which will cost you money, so long as you follow the steps above when searching for an awesome Porsche, whether it’s a 911, 981 GT4 or a Panamera, you’ll not go wrong and you’ll end up with an awesome car.

Get searching

Get yourself on Autotrader, all the forums, get searching for that perfect Porsche. Let us know in the comments below what Porsche you would buy or already own and what you think of it!

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