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Have you ever wondered what upgrades get forgot about most? With the car scene flooding the market with bigger turbos, remaps, air intakes, all the fun stuff today go faster. But what slows you down? In this blog I’m going to write about one of the top brands for stopping power. The Brembo Brakes Kits.

I will delve into a little about Brembo, giving you a background of the company so you can brag at the next car meet and talk about your new upgrade. I’ll give you all the reasons to make the change. What everyone else is saying about them and where a good place is to buy these beautiful pieces of art.

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What Are Brembo Big Brakes?

Brembo are a well known brand that have been around since 1961 and we’re founded in Italy next to the river Brembo (hence the name). After founding their company, they soon started to produce disc brakes which were imported from the UK.

Since then Brembo have taken on other companies such as the high performance clutch producing AP racing and Breco, who produce aftermarket discs and drums.

Their expansion has really taken off, being available in 14 countries worldwide and offering thousands of products for the many varieties of cars we all know and love. Their current business is worth a staggering net worth of $1.2 billion as of 2019.

Brembo are also well known for being a big part of the racing scene and their brakes are used on the Ferrari in Formula one, across the majority of MotoGP and they are the official supplier for the Indycar series. Making these brakes the most well known brand to date and you know they have to be of a high quality to stop an F1 car like Ferrari.

Why Should I Upgrade?

Everyone is all about power, no one wants to work on the brakes. It doesn’t make sense to me, because if you’re hitting it down a straight at 140mph and you want to slow for the corner, braking later than the other guy just isn’t going to cut it, you’d have to brake sooner. If you’ve got a decent set of stoppers on you, you can take the brake later and hit it faster than your opponent.

That’s all good and well if you’re a track junkie. But what about the guy that just needs a daily or a bit of fun Car? A big brake kit doesn’t just scream “race car” when you look at the wheels (even though they look mint behind a set of Rotiforms). They are also a lot safer. Personally, I have a child which I take most places in my focus ST and I need to know I can stop in case of emergency. Although my car isn’t the fastest, you don’t need to go fast to have an accident, but if you stop fast, you can avoid one.

All being said they are probably the safest option for protecting you and your ride, all whilst looking the part of a race car. I mean c’mon, wheels look so much better with a big disc sat behind them.

Are They Worth The Money?

A main question I’m any area. Would you skimp on something that could potentially save your life or the lives around you? I know I wouldn’t. The 2 biggest things to never cheap out on are tires and brakes. Because tires are the only connection you have to the road and your brakes are the only thing stopping you.

With the following these have in the motorsport world and becoming standard in most performance cars, it makes sense to keep up with the crowd.

The materials used to create everything from brake lines to pads to discs are all made out of the best of the best. From high grade aluminium to ceramic carbon. Everything is top notch to not only be stronger but lighter. So even though you might want something cheaper, they might be heavier and less effective. Whether for the extra couple bucks / pounds, (enter your currency here) you could also save weight, giving you more power to weight ratio and still have a better braking distance.

So not only do they

  •  stop your car sooner,
  • make your wheels stand out more at a show,
  • save on weight for more usable power,
  • they are also made of better materials that last longer and are more economic.

Meaning if you do buy these you are literally getting benefits everywhere and you might even save money in the long run. Remember the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”.

The Big Name Brand

As mentioned in previous chapters these are the go to brand for brakes. The name is everywhere and the first brand most people will mention when talking about the upgrade options. But where can I pick up a set?

I found these on the Vivid Racing website in the link below. They have a huge selection to find the right ones for your car, with over 3,500 Brembo products on their website. Not to forget but they have a buy now – pay later option to spread the cost.

If you still can’t find what you need on their site, drop them an email and they will give you advice on what to do. They are a very professional team with a tonne of experience.

Brake Down

Now you know more about Brembo and why you should upgrade, check them out. Get them on your car and get on the track / road / show. These really stand out wherever you are.

You know they are the safest, lightest, strongest brakes around. So get them on your car and stay safe.

If you have any comments to make on this subject, feel free to comment below or if you want me to review or write about another brand, let me know and I’ll get on it.


Founder of Boost And Camber

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