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Finding a new set of shoes for your car can get a little confusing, it can get a little daunting at times with the choices that are out there. Even just picking a wheel size to suit can sometimes be a little stressful. Do you want an 18” or a 19”? Bola wheels seem to take that stress away.

There’s something simple about the Bola Wheels, they seem to have it down just right, their ability to look good on almost any car and have the fitment just right on each one says a lot about how much they research and put into building each wheel design.

In this post we will go over the 3 reasons you should buy a set of Bolas, even if it is just a spare set.

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Why Are Bola Wheels Popular?

Bola wheels seem to have taken a rise to the top in recent years and have become more widely used for most car build enthusiasts and the everyday driver that just likes a sporty look. This is because they offer to cater to a wide range of makes and models.

Not only this, all their wheels look the cutting edge in wheel design whilst being everyday affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands on a set of Bolas to give your car a good stance.

This makes them available for more people, affordable for more people and they offer a great quality. They don’t just know wheels, they know people.

1. They Suit Most Cars

Have you ever seen a set of Bola Wheels not suit a car? There are a few instances, yes, not all wheels will suit all cars, but they definitely suit the majority of cars they fit on. Something about them just seems to go well with each body design.

Particularly the B10’s seem to go well with a lot of cars, they sit flush and have a great offset. The B10 is a great example of a simplistic design but a well fitted wheel, which showcases how the wheel should fit in the arch.

This makes Bola a great option if you don’t know what wheel to choose as all their designs seem to match up really well with most makes and models. Don’t believe me? Type in your make and model into google, with Bola Wheels on the end, like “Ford Focus Bola Wheels”.

This will give you an idea of what your car will look like, which design looks best and what size wheel will fit your car.

2. They Offer Great Fitment

You will notice with most wheels, fitment can be a little off. Especially with your standard wheels, they seem to sit too far into the arch. But with Bola, they seem to sit just right in the arch. They are specially made to have an easy fitment, so you don’t have to faff around with wheel spacers.

Unlike some other aftermarket wheel they are made to fit with the customer in mind, rather than just having a fancy design, they actually fit rather well too. This means relatively easy fitment and quick enhancement for your car.

3. Plenty Of Styles

There are plenty of styles to choose from with Bola, whether you want something simple or something a little more multi spoke. There’s something for everyone and can really make your car pop.

These are some of the top styles Bola have produced

  • Bola B1R
  • Bola CSR
  • Bola B9
  • Bola B10
  • Bola B12

These just show you how different each style is and they are a growing brand with plenty to offer for each make and model of car, whether you have a rusty Civic or a brand new Golf R, there’s something for everyone.

Buying A Set Of Bolas

Finding a set of Bolas is easier said than done, you can try the google approach as previously mentioned, by typing your make and model along with “bola wheels” or you can try Fitment Industries online Gallery.

You can find Bola Wheels at any of these 3 online shops:

  • Fitment Industries
  • LK Performance
  • Wheel Base

All 3 offer great tyre packages to go with your new Bola Wheels and they may make suggestions on additional equipment, like Tyre Pressure Monitors or wheel nuts or something along those lines.

If you need any help to choose a size, they offer a helpline on each and some offer online chat if you’re like me and hate phone calls.


Bola Wheels are a great option for any level of modifying you’re at, whether this is your first project or your 50th, they are a great place to start, well, after your coilovers.

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