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Finding a decent Wheel Cleaner is hard, you always get a recommendation from someone, you try it, it might sort of work, it might not, some are really good, but you just didn’t know what to go for in the first place. So we comprised some of the Best Wheel Cleaners in a list to help make it easier for you to decide which to go for.

The 5 in the list are our personal favourites that all work a treat and placing them in order was a tough choice as they have all fared well over time and they are ones we trust to buy over and over again.

But first why do we need to use a Wheel Cleaner? Then we will roll into our top 5 with a price, our rating and a link to Amazon to acquire such goodies.

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Why Use A Wheel Cleaner?

Wheel cleaners are great at getting in those tight spaces that you can’t quite reach, they offer a level of “get the dirt out” that you don’t get with soap and wash mitt. But it’s not just the fact that you can get in every nuck and cranny.

Using a Wheel Cleaner helps keep the brake dust off the car paintwork. If you are used to cleaning your car you will know what I mean when you wash your car with a mitt and some soap, you’re spreading the wheel muck all over and brake dust is made of particles of iron.

Iron isn’t something you want to be swirling around your paint, so it’s best to pull it all up and wash these with a Wheel Cleaner separate as the wheel cleaners can help pull the iron out and keep your wheels in great condition a lot longer.

5. Autoglym – Custom Wheel Cleaner

Autogylm is a great brand, they’ve been around for donkeys and offer brilliant products and their custom Wheel Cleaner isn’t something to shy away from.

Reading some reviews on Autoglym tell us that custom Wheel Cleaner is fast and easy to use, with only a slight need to scrub the wheel, but I think that depends on how mucky the wheel is.

Our rating for Autoglym is 4.5 / 5

The price for Autoglym 500ml is around £9

To buy Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner CLICK HERE

4. Wonder Wheels – Colour Active

This Wheel Cleaner is probably one of the most cost effective on the list, but don’t let that fool you, it’s one tough cookie that will get out super baked on dirt and grime on your wheels.

The general consensus for this Wheel Cleaner is its fast and effective, just spray on, leave to change colour and give it a blast off, no need for scrubbing, but some people claimed they needed a bit of a scrub to get them perfect:

Our rating for Wonder Wheels is 4.6 /5

The price for Wonder Wheels 600ml bottle is around £7

To buy Wonder Wheels Colour Active CLICK HERE

3. Auto Finesse – Iron Out

Probably one of the best brands on the market right now for cleaning gear is Auto Finesse. It’s popular and works a treat, we recently reviewed Auto Finesse gear but left out the Iron Out. Iron out is on par with some of the other Cleaner of this list and does an amazing job.

Customer reviews told us Auto Finesse is a great product, does exactly what you need it to do, pulls up some of the most stubborn fallout with ease, although the bottle sprayer is a bit naff, but the stuff inside works a treat.

Our rating for Auto Finesse is 4.6 / 5

The price for Auto Finesse Iron Out 500ml is around £12

To buy Auto Finesse Iron Out CLICK HERE

2. Meguiars – All Wheel Cleaner

Our favourite brand of cleaning products is at number 2. Meguiars show is time and time again they can offer great car protection and cleaning products and their Wheel Cleaner is no different. Our experience with Meguiars is that it’s effortless, easy to use and isn’t a strong smelling Wheel Cleaner.

Most customers will comment on the ease of use, the no need to scrub, the no smell and the bleeding effect you get when the liquid changes colour (which is pretty awesome to be fair).

Our rating of Meguiars All Wheel Cleaner is 4.9 / 5

The price for Meguiars All Wheel Cleaner 709ml is around £14

To Buy Meguiars All Wheel Cleaner CLICK HERE

1. Bilt Hamber – Auto Wheel Cleaner

Ours and the Internets favourite, the top of the top, best of the best, will literally tackle any tough job when it comes to your wheels. This stuff has been voted the best time and time again and the packaging and advertising isn’t even the most fancy. Shows that if you’ve got a good product it’ll shine.

The average customer review tells us that Bilt Hamber was Auto Express’ ‘Best Wheel Cleaner’ for 7 years running between 2012 and 2018. With people saying that it’s the best Wheel Cleaner they have ever used and that they replace their normal Cleaner for Bilt Hamber. We couldn’t agree more. Especially with over 900 reviews on Amazon!

Our rating for Bilt Hamber is 5 / 5

The price for Bilt Hamber 1 litre is around £15

To buy Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner CLICK HERE

In Summary

All of these wheel cleaners are our personal favourites after using loads of different ones having worked in a car dealership. These are just the ones that we found that worked and aren’t just cheap acid. If you follow these recommendations you won’t be wasting your money.

If you think we have missed one or there is a new one on the market you think we need to try, drop us a comment below or find us on social media. If you have a personal product you want us to review send us an email on the address below and we will give it our best.

Peace out