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Another stone chip to add to the collection and another tin of touch up paint. Don’t you wish you didn’t have to polka dot your car every weekend with touch up pens and chips away? Is there a better way to protect the paint?

There is indeed several ways you can protect your paint, we will go over 3 of these methods in this post to help keep your car looking in top shape for the next car show, we will also go over some top products to keep it looking it’s best for the summer of 2020.

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Why Protect Your Paint?

How much do you just hate the look of peppered stone chips all over a beautiful paint job? You can wash and clean it all you want, those stone chips will still be there when you come back.

Not only are they unsightly and unpleasant, your paint is what protects the metal underneath and without that layer of protection you have nothing between the metal and the weather, which will eventually lead to rust.

Another great benefit of protecting your paint is with a lot of the products and services we will discuss are great at keeping your paint looking deep and glossy as well as making your weekly wash 100 times easier.

Because you want your car looking it’s best without putting in hours of work cleaning and touching up, these simple methods could save you in the long run as well as saving you in the pocket too.

Option 1: Good Polish And Wax

The first method is by far the easiest and also most cost effective, although if you wish to take this one on yourself, could mean putting in a bit of elbow grease on the odd weekend every month.

We don’t mind a bit of hard graft so we prefer to clean our own cars, but some people like to pay someone else to do it and that’s alright, if they are already cleaning it, ask them for a polish and wax every so often. It’ll help give your paint an extra layer against the UV rays of the sun.

Polish is the first layer you put on after a good wash, then put on a layer of wax to protect the polish. Wax on, wax off. Easy as that. There are plenty of great polish and waxes out there, we will add some below for you to click and buy.

Polishing and waxing isn’t just a great layer of protection though, if your like us, a good weekend with family or friends, polishing and waxing is great for bonding and having a laugh over cars, not to mention you get a better appreciation of your hard work.

For great polish and wax click these links below.

Option 2: Ceramic Coating

A better way to protect your car that is currently all the rage is ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer with nano technology that bonds to your cars original body paint. Once chemically infused, it can only be removed with abrasion.

The great thing about ceramic coating is it means the cars cleaning takes a lot less time as the coating doesn’t provide anything for the muck and dirt to cling to. You might have seen this on adverts and YouTube videos with one half of the bonnet protected and the other not.

Benefit of ceramic coating are long life, easy to clean, can protect your paint from scratches, can give your car a full shine al the time. The only disadvantages are that it is pricey and it does require quite some time to apply and we recommend this is done by a professional as if done incorrectly it can make your paint look worse.

Ask your local detailer about ceramic coating as prices may vary from car size to different retailers.

Option 3: Clear Wrap

A clear wrap isn’t as well known as the other 2 options but comes with loads of different benefits. If you’ve never heard of a clear wrap, it’s a bit like a full car wrap only with no colour and completely transparent.

A wrap can offer full car cover and still be removable by being stuck on over the original paint. This extra layer will help stop UV light from damaging the paint, aswel as take the damage from light scratches and stone chips, keeping your car in great condition.

Not only that but it will act as a layer against bird droppings and other chemicals as the layer of urethane film takes all the damage, leaving your paintwork in great condition.

The only downsides to clear wrapping is it must be installed correctly so water and other debris isn’t stored under the film and it can be slightly pricey compared to polish and wax, but it will last a lot longer without the need to keep it ‘topped up’.

Keep It Protected

We all love our prides and joys and we wouldn’t want to see them scratched or damaged, we just want to have a nice shiny car for all weathers with minimal effort when doing the routine clean.

It’s all pride of ownership if you ask me.

So if your proud of your car and want to keep it looking it’s best, implement one of these methods. You don’t have to do all 3 as each offers great protection. If cleaning your car is a problem check out our other posts on the best car shampoos and our post on nilfisk pressure washers.

 If you know any other ways of protecting your paint or want to give some input into this post, drop a comment below and we will be sure to get back to you on the subject.

All the best


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