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Here at Boost And Camber, we take car modifying seriously, we love seeing cars transform into the weapons we see on the road and on the track. But what is the best place to buy aftermarket car parts to bring that build to life?

Sadly there are plenty of online companies willing to sell you crap and give you a bad experience when buying online. There are some places that might even be incredibly cheap and that might be for you. If you’re like us, you might want to spend a little bit more for a better experience.

So in this post we will go over the reasons why to buy from a trusted company and our favourite trusted company to buy from when looking for new car parts.

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Somewhere You Can Trust

You clearly love your car, you’re looking to enhance it, make it better instead of replacing it. Something about the emotional attachment when modifying a car is quite important.

So why go and buy from an untrusted company that doesn’t care about you or your car? What about a company that everyone trusts, even those famous YouTubers and other car nuts all over the forums?

True car enthusiasts listen to the masses to make sure they are buying from the best to make sure they are going to be looked after when buying online or in store.

You are spending a lot of money on your car, don’t be a sap and buy from someone that might just rip you off. Buy from a well established company with plenty of customer reviews and returning customers.

Affordable Prices

Car parts aren’t cheap and neither are flowers for your missus when you need to apologise for buying that new set of AP Coilovers (which you aren’t returning).

Luckily there are places like Demon Tweeks that offer affordable prices, finance options with £0 deposit to spread the cost and get your parts when you need them.

Notice how I never mentioned cheap. Although I’m a Yorkshire lad and tight as a ducks arse, I do love a bargain, especially living on a Furlough wage for months. But when it comes to my car, as long as the parts are affordable and not over the top prices, I’ll happily pay them.

One more good thing about Demon Tweeks is they have regular discount codes and discounted items. It’s best to subscribe to their email list to get the latest codes and offers.

Great Quality, Well Known Brands

Sometimes it’s best to buy the best, to get the quality your car deserves. In reality, you just have to buy good well known brands that have been tried and tested.

Companies like Demon Tweeks hand pick what they sell to make sure all they sell is great quality and none of the crap is going on anyone’s car.

Let’s face it, if you were selling parts, you wouldn’t want Joe Bloggs coming back next week complaining you sold a dud and have to give a refund. It’s not good for business and it’s no fun for the customer to have to find a new company or part.

Skip the searching around, find a good company that only sells quality and buy well known, well tested brands to save yourself piece of mind.

Where Should I Go?

As used by many car enthusiasts and petrol heads alike, Demon Tweeks is a haven for anyone that wants good quality parts with excellent customer service.

Demon Tweeks are rated 4.6 on trust pilot with tens of thousands of reviews to back it up. They are becoming the place to go for all parts and services.

We think they are a great company, well trusted, fast delivery, with only the customer in mind. Obviously you don’t have to take our word for it or everyone else’s but they are definitely worth checking out.

You can find their website through this link and add your car to your profile so you only find parts that fit your car.

Share Your Build

We’d love to hear from you guys on how your lockdown experience went, whether you bought a new car, modified an old one or just lost your marbles and are just starting to find them again.

What are your future plans? Drop us a comment below.

All the best, stay safe.


Founder of Boost And Camber

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