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It’s been a struggle, you might have been saving up all your pennies or you might be planning to save up some cash, to buy yourself a fun car. Now you want to know what the best performance cars are under £10,000?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve comprised a list of 5 of the best performance cars that £10,000 can buy you! We’ve gone by looks, styling, handling, how modifiable it is and just general fun factor. All this to help you spend your money wisely and save the regrets.

This list is in no specific order and is just a pick of 5 cars we believe are the best money can buy in the performance and fun factor.

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1. Audi TTS

It makes sense to have the little Audi roadster on this list, with its powerful 2.0 TFSI engine purring in the front end. It’s a great fun car with bags of potential. From standard these produce a whopping 306bhp and with its 4WD can pull it’s lightweight chassis to 62mph in 4.5 seconds.

The Audi TTS handles like a dream, with quick response when turning and with precision, it’ll go exactly where you point it. Even through the sharpest of corners the Audi holds its own with minimal body roll and grippy 4WD.

Even though the Audi is fast and nimble, it’s fun factor and it’s ability to be tuned beyond belief makes this car a perfect £10k drive away for those fun weekends with the Mrs or Mr.

2. Subaru Impreza WRX STi

I couldn’t not add a Subie, the car every young lad from the 90’s aspired to have. Which is great because as time has gone on, so has the prices. Today you can pick up a good used example for under £10k.

There are loads of variants available for this car, just like the 2.0 / 2.5 engines, hatch / saloon, various different colours and spec levels. Typically speaking they are a pretty good-looking car and you can’t fault them for the fun factor, just because of that loud burbling boxer engine.

These babies have different power bands depending on the engine and body you go for, but typically they will do a 0-62 in around about 5.2 seconds and with their famous Subie chassis makes it a fun car to chuck anywhere.

3. Nissan 370Z

Just like the 350Z, the 370Z is an incredible sounding machine that is fantastic for all your fun needs, like drifting, track, drag or just looking good. They are an awesome all around car (except family life) that offers good fun and good times.

A great point to make out about this car on the list is it also comes as a convertible, so you can drive along with the wind in your hair in the lovely summer sun, which happens maybe twice a year. It’s not just the convertible side that turns us on, it’s the iconic 3.7 V6 noise that shoots out of the exhaust that really gets us going!

Although it’s standard power and handling are amazing, the pure tuning power is quite lacking as it is an N/A, unless you have thousands to spend on turbos / superchargers, which would convert this car into the devil itself.

4. Focus ST Mk2

Probably our favourite on this list, as it seems it has everything any car guy needs, 5 cylinders, pops and bangs, great fun in the twisties and LOADS of tuning potential. The Mk2 Focus ST is still sought after by most people and they even choose it over the mk3 and mk4.

It’s Volvo T5 engine really is what it’s all about and is what gives it its fun factor. Even if it isn’t the fastest on the list, it’s pure drive fun tops it over the edge, not to mention the potential for some serious power if you go down stage 3 power upgrades such as hybrid turbos.

With £10,000 you could buy a face lift top spec ST-3 with all the options with a relatively low mileage, not bad considering they can also be bought in a 5 door for those family people out there!

5. Renault Clio Sport

Probably a car we can’t miss out on for the most fun you can have in a car. The Clio’s have smashed track driving for years and they hold a huge place in people’s hearts when it comes to building a fun track car. They are perfect on the corners and quick little Hot Hatches, even if they are 2.0 N/A.

Of course, we are talking Mk2 and mk3 not the afterlife of turbos and 5 doors. The pure fun you can have in a 2.0 N/A is pretty limited until you get into one of these. Although they are the slowest to 60 on the list pulling in at 6.9 – 7.1 seconds, they are the most fun around corners and will keep up with the faster cars.

But if you really want to power one up, there are always turbos and superchargers and plenty of fiddling with uplifted cams and then moving onto performance suspension setups and weight reduction.


All these cars have one thing in common, fun to drive. They might not be the fastest to 60mph, the flashiest or the most expensive cars you can buy, but smiles are worth more than cash any day of the week and these give you them in the millions.

If you like what we post, drop a comment below, or if you just want to add a car that you find fun to drive, why not comment below or share it to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? We love hearing from you guys!

Happy fun car day


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