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Modern car enthusiasts all know and pick their own brands from early on, whether when they are young and their Mum/Dad (we’re not sexist here) had a really cool car and that brand has stuck with them for life or their best friend bought a cheap Miata and now you only love Miata. But with so many cool styles of car, it’s hard to pick one that you really can make your own and that’s ok! I’m here to help you decide what you think is the best car to Stance.

It’s not about me, or your neighbour, that guy down the road that is obsessed with German whips because they are reliable. No, it’s all about you bro and what you want.

I’m going to write about why you should Stance, what car you should choose, what brands have really taken off and really, what it’s all about. Just remember, the journey with your car is all about YOU and YOUR car. Let’s keep this real.

Disclosure: Posts on BoostAndCamber include ads and affiliate links where if a sale is concluded through the links, BoostAndCamber receive a small commission at no cost to yourself to help with the running of the site.

Why Stance Your Car

Firstly let’s look at why you want to stance your car. I’m pretty sure it’s not for practicality, or to make tackling the ever-increasing speed bumps? Let’s just be honest, it’s because they look cool don’t they. You’ve been on YouTube or Instagram and you’ve seen a proper mint low car with some super cool alloys. Then you went off and googled said car and put one of the following word in front of it ‘modified’, ‘stanced’, ‘slammed’, ‘fitment’. Yea we’ve all wanted to know what each car looks like modified.

But why? Why do it? It doesn’t improve anything! Because if you’re like the rest of the car dudes out there, you want to make something different, you want to stand out from the crowd and be the first to slam a Daewoo. Problem is, all the inspiration your seeing is what has already been done and we’re not about that life. We’re all about different. To put it in perspective, I posted a blog a while ago about Best Cars To Modify and they are some of the most common with sometimes very similar mods, because they are recognized and look good.

There is nothing wrong with rocket bunnying a 350z and styling it like one you’ve seen on the Internet, its still an awesome car. Car modifying is an art though. Like art, you don’t want to copy someone else’s canvas. It’s all about picking something that hasn’t been done and showcasing it at the next meet.

So all in all, you should stance your car for you. To express your personality and your cars personality. To create something new that hasn’t been done so the rest of us can appreciate your hard work. And also so you can laugh your ass off while you drive sideways to go over a speed bump.

The Platform

There are a boat load of cars to choose from, even if you pick an A4 avant, it’s still a broad spectrum! There’s petrol / diesel, automatic / manual, engine size, spec level. Really there are loads. I mean if you think about it there are several models for each brand. But you gotta pick things that you like, your probably going to be driving it a while.

Me personally, I like older cars, not necessarily bothered about the mod cons, like quite a bit of power, it’s gotta sound good and be a real head turner with tuning potential. So I’m not going to choose a Vauxhall Corsa. If you’re keeping it a while and you like speed, pick something your going to be happy with because cars feel slower the more you drive them.

You might already have a car in mind and done some research about what it could look like on bags, that’s all cool too. It’s good to see potential, just look at the options for the car, like are you going to want leather seats or are you going to swap them for Bucket Seats?

It’s all entirely in your hands and no one can tell you what car to buy and what to do with it. Not even me. Even though I want an old boxster s for a fun car, because who doesn’t love slammed Porsche’s. Whatever you choose, you’re not wrong and car enthusiasts will appreciate it, no matter what it is. Just make sure it fits YOUR needs and it makes you happy.

First Mods And Fitment

Let’s get to why you’re really here and you’re still reading. You want to mod this beast don’t you. But let’s go over the 2 top mods for ANY car.

Suspension – whether you bag, coilover or lowering springs, do what fits your budget. If your budget changes, you can always change it. You can buy Cheap Coilovers, you can buy Expensive Coilovers, they do pretty much the same thing but the quality will be different. If you have more money and like a smoother ride, bags are a brilliant option and they look great down to the ground. Either way, just get it dropped. That’s your first mod. Because even if you can’t afford the next one, it’s going to look flush.

Wheels – the iconic duo. Bags and rims (should have been the name for this site). Pick a wheel that compliments your car. Too big and it can look outlandish and daft, too small and it can look like a Mario Go Kart. Every car is different and most wheel places and professionals will know what offset will suit your car. All you gotta do is pick the style you think suits best, it’s your art work. If you do get it wrong and the wheel is too wide you can choose where to go from there by this next.

All in all, these are the first two things you need to do. But it’s all about your Fitment. If you put a wheel with a too big of an offset, your going to get a lot of poke (where the wheel protrudes past the arch). This could look good, it might be your thing, but if you didn’t intend it, rock it by pulling your fenders or wide arching. Whatever you do, just do you. I’m all about flush, clean smooth lines, call it a little ocd, but I like fender meeting the wheel.

What Makes A Good Stance

There is no right or wrong here, it’s what you think looks good that makes it a good stance. There are thousands of people that will discredit anything to do with slamming your car. Yet there are so many people that love it. The main thing is you are happy with how it looks.

Like I said, I like hellaflush where everything is smooth and tight. But other people might like paddflush. I will write a post later regarding each one. Just do what you like and mental image what you want it to look like. If you need more poke, buy spacers. Too much poke, wide arches. Work on it and turn it into a masterpiece. It’s your ride. Just do you.

Just Do You

Three words I love to hear and we’re probably the most inspirational when I was in a really bad place a few years ago. I listened to too many people, too many mouths but only one set of ears. Remember just to be true to yourself, make a plan to make your dream car a reality and apply them, you’ll surely make something cool, I know.

Just remember when you do make a super sick ride to bring it to the community and share it to inspire others.

Talking of community, here at Boost And Camber we want to expand in the later years and start doing events and shows of our own, if you want to be a part of that or have any suggestions, drop a comment below or check out our Instagram @boost_and_camber

Just do you


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