Best Cars To Modify – Stance, Slam or Otherwise

Hi guys and welcome to my site, in this article I thought I’d do a little on my thoughts of top cars to modify and my reasons, these might not be to everyone’s taste but they are my favourite. If you think of any I haven’t added click on the comments below and get posting and I’ll try and add them to later posts. Also if you have anything you want to discuss or want to read about, watch, wear, drop a comment and I’ll be surely make it happen. So let’s get into the top best cars to modify!

5. Nissan 350z
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Let’s face it, this car was always going to make it onto the list. The roar of the V6 is just tantalizingly beautiful and recognizable to any enthusiast. These are already an amazing car from stock, throw a straight pipe and some wheels on it makes this car a relatively cheap easy modable car and is always a head turner. These really came to light to me when playing Need For Speed back in the 2000’s and using it as my top drift car and rightly so! It’s back end kicks out at the blip of the throttle and has such a great center of gravity it’s just fun to throw round corners just like its predecessors.

Ultimately, this is an achievable car coming in on the used car modified market at around the £5000 – £7000 for a good example. Plus there is a massive following for these and plenty of 350z owner groups to get involved to give loads of inspiration, if that photo above isn’t enough!


4. Volkswagen Golf

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The people’s car. The VW Golf, ALL variations!! It doesn’t mean you have to go out and fork out £30k for the new golf r but it helps, but even a standard 1.4 on a set of bags and BBS, makes these from grandmas shopping trolley to the next stand at a car show. I know, I know, grandma might want to slam it too, I’m not a ageist. But serious, these have been around for years and any model of the golf holds a piece in everyone’s heart. They might have been your first love or your current or where you want to go, these are just cool. You can literally pick one of these up for between £1,000 to £30,000 and with all the mod options available, you really can create your own work of art.

3. Ford Focus / Fiesta

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Sorry guys but the Focus / Fiesta is probably the most driven car in the UK and with the amount of options for modifications and the uprising of the FEZ gang they are just incredibly popular. Call me an old school Ford guy, but they have an air of everyone knows someone with one, which means the car enthusiasts all have had a dealing with one or the other. Plus parts are cheap, plenty of groups (inc FordBible) and there are plenty of tuning shops all over the UK with options for pretty much all models. My personal favourite here though would be the MK2 RS, I mean come on, who doesn’t love 300bhp with a 5 banger roaring through a city center, they just look mean, they sound mean and everyone knows it before they see it. Realistically though any fiesta or focus is a great start even to play with, but just remember the higher models like the RS and ST will appreciate over time, look at the Sierra cosworth! Get out and pick up a mk2.5 st focus and have some fun!!

2. Mazda MX-5

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The Mazda Miata! What a car! Not to everyone’s taste I will admit, but this is just cool. Track car, engine swap, slam / stance / fitment machine, whatever you want to do to this, it’ll do it, it might blow up or it might just fall to bits with rust, but it’s just a fun little car that has bags of credibility. Ask anyone what cars are best to modify and this one will pop up everywhere. If you follow car throttle, Alex mentions them at every chance, they are just cool. Period. If you’ve ever sat in one, you’ll know you need to lay down every time you get in and you need to be cut out with the jaws of life to get out, throw some coilovers on there and you will know, once your in, you’re in, but you won’t want to get out. Typically though, these are cheap to buy. A cheap modified car for under £5000. Hell, you can buy a used banger for £500 and throw £10,000 into it and it would break necks and bank loans faster than you’ll do a quarter mile! But you’ll look cool doing it.

1. Toyota Supra

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I don’t even need to give a reason for this one.
3.0 twin turbo, pushing 276 from standard with the potential to go into the 1000’s with a looooooooot of money put into it, this is just the greatest modifiable car EVER. It’s a supercar killer, it was best known as the car Paul Walker (bless your soul) drove in Fast and Furious. Probably the star of the film if you ask a 16 year old me. If I ever get the chance I will fork out whatever it costs to own one, whether it’s a runner or not, I would probably sleep in it. But honestly, if you haven’t spent 20 hours listening to the turbo spool on one of these I suggest investing your time doing so, your ears will thank me!

Let’s Unite

Honestly, this is my first post and the first time i’ve Written something creative since year 11 in school. But in reality talking about these cars brings me so much joy, so if it brings you the same happiness, throw a comment, suggestion. Or if you want to join in on Boost and Camber and get involved in our community drop an email address and we can chat about the future of this site.
All in all though these cars all hold a part of me and I’m sure they all have a memory in everyone else and whether your a budding enthusiast or you’ve got a 50 car collection, I’m sure everyone of these has been a part of your life, somewhere along the way.
So let’s unite and let’s talk cars.

Founder of Boost and Camber

2 Replies to “Best Cars To Modify – Stance, Slam or Otherwise”

  1. You are doing very well! This is a beautiful passionat posts about cars. I espiacilly am a Gol fan and don’t think it’s a people’s car at all. Look at the cost!!
    But I love it and it is what deserves the name “Das Auto” the most. They are already a work of art and when you personalize them, they become timeless!
    Thank you for this fantastic article. I’m off to buy an old golf to customize to my dreams,

    1. Thanks Janie! I try to write with the passion I have in my heart, always had a thing about cars. The golf is a fantastic car! But I can agree the price is higher than most but you pay for the quality.
      Hope I inspired you to bring out your inner car art.

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