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Finding a car to stance is the best part of stancing a car, you look all over the Internet for the Best Cars For Stance And your google search can’t take anymore searches. Search no more, this is the definitive list of cars that look great stanced. Most of them are show winners.

So if you want to get stuck in and find yourself a perfect stance car or your car is on the list and you want a bit of inspiration, get reading down below and find out what you could be doing to your car today.

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10. Audi A4 / S4 / RS4

All variants of the Audi A4 are beautifully crafted, one of the most popular shapes would have to be the B5, although his is quite controversial. Big Audi fan? Even if you love Audi and you own something different like an A3, they all have that unique styling and look great stanced.

The A4 Just has that edge over all the other Audi’s though, although the S1 has a cute kind of vibe, the A4 has something that all the others just doesn’t. It’s almost like the middle child, the one that everyone loves. Why wouldn’t you love the A4?

9. Nissan 350z

The 350z with its long line of stance in its name from the 200sx, 300zx and anything in between this monstrous 3.5 v6 deserves a place in the list with its excellent styling options and aggressive stance.

Although the 350z is starting to show its age, it’s still a cool looking stance car, with a few tweaks and some aero, these babies can be brought into 2020 with class.

8. Honda NSX

There was no way this list was not having a Honda. Although not a Civic or an S2000, the NSX deserves a place on this list for its ability to still look young and stylish in a modern age.

Not only that but when dropped to the ground these cars look the business. The NSX might not be affordable to everyone, which makes it a bit more unique when you see one bagged out. Not the common stance but still an absolute beauty.

7. VW Beetle

It goes without saying that the Beetle (all generations) needed to be on this list. It’s iconic for being stanced and well-known in the car culture for being that bug you love.

With years of love and being a staple for the car enthusiasts the Beetles effortless cool factor (even the newer models) it just has “it” when it comes to stance. Whether you do it on the cheap or the big bucks, you can’t go wrong with a Beetle.

6. Subaru WRX STi

A car that needs no explanation, whether it’s the Impreza, the WRX or the hatchback version, all versions on the WRX STi are just gorgeous whether they are stanced or not. Although adding some air ride and some beefy wheels does improve them to no end!

The Subaru line just has a style that screams aggressive, which is really what you want from a stanced car, unless you’re after the cutesy look, then you can buy a VW up.

5. Jaguar XJ

Something you probably didn’t expect to make the list is the Jaguar XJ. Stancing a Jaguar XJ seems like sacrilege, but there’s something about lowering a luxury car that just makes me happy.

Stancing am XJ isn’t just about the class though, they aren’t very over done like other cars and they have a different vibe, kind of like a royalty feel or a unicorn if you ever see one. Slamming an XJ really is What it means to stand out and be different, the reason we do this in the first place.

4. Ford Mustang

Mustangs never used to have a stance background, they were just drag, track, muscly cars with no need to look pretty, they were just a boys’ car. But nowadays they’ve come into the Stance world screaming “I’m here!”.

Most modern Mustangs get a great look in, with their wide body kits and air lift suspension, but even the old Mustangs look great Lowered, they have a kind of ratty feel and look mean, which is what we love.

3. GT86 / FRS / BRZ

The platform for all these cars is essentially the same and they all look like triplets, making it hard to say one or the other. Either way all 3 cars have a great stance and look great with a Rocket Bunny kit.

Although highly popular, they still hold a top position because they look the part and they don’t require loads of work to look good. With their low Center of Gravity and unique style, they are one of the top stance cars of today.

2. VW Golf

One of the most iconic stance cars of all time! For a very big reason indeed! It’s cult following and awesome stance makes this car one of the most well-known stance cars ever.

Google stanced cars and all you will see is mk1 – mk7 Golfs (soon to be mk8’s popping up). They are just the most well done stance car of all time. But why isn’t it number 1? Read on to see why.

1. Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai really haven’t had the biggest look in the stance culture and they never really had a following, they were just a family car everyone bought because they were affordable. But now, they seemed to have taken off, especially after their release of the i30N.

The Veloster really does showcase a completely different side to Hyundai and they look grizzly. We applaud the Stanced Velosters for finally coming out of your shell and making waves in the stance culture. This is their beginning. This is the Hyundai takeover.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think Hyundai have really started to take off in the car culture? Do you think any of these cars needs to be higher up the list? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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Happy Stancing


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