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Everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives, we work hard for the money we earn. So what’s wrong with spending a little on something that makes us happy? But what are the best cars for luxury? We normally take about stance cars and modified cars, so what about the luxury?

But what makes up a luxury car? Well we chose 5 of our favourite luxury cars that cost under £30k, making these affordable but they also had to have a great specification, comfortable seats, something with a bit of pizazz. All the things you probably expect from a luxury car.

Be aware, we think number 3 might surprise you!

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5. Lexus IS 300

It’s no doubt Lexus have that luxury feel, being Toyota’s luxury brand. So it wasn’t hard to put Lexus on the map.

Although controversial, in our opinion, the IS 300 offers such a great looking car compared to some of Lexus’ other cars. It’s sleek, stylish and has all the characteristics of a bit of luxury.

The Lexus IS is probably a long forgotten car in the UK, being shadowed by the European car market, but the Lexus still has a huge place in the market today, they offer fantastic specifications, high end leather and even a sport model.

With all that, we think the Lexus IS is a very underrated car in the UK and deserves a place on this list. If you are thinking of getting one you won’t be disappointed and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

4. BMW 5 Series

Next up and a very popular luxury car is the 5 series. BMW back in the day created a high end car that was reliable and luxurious, giving themselves a name for themselves as the high end car manufacturer. Couple that with a long bodied saloon and you get a fantastic luxury car.

Even though the older models are more than affordable and the specifications were ahead of their time, the newer models also have a lot to offer, like improved economy, quieter on the road and plenty of engine choices to choose from.

The 5 series also comes in the M5, which has a whopping 4.4 V8 with 560bhp, or you can opt for an older model with the 5.0 V10. Either way a used example can still cost under £30k, have the sport’s capability but still some of the luxuries a 5 series should have.

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3. Kia Stinger

One you might not have expected to see as a luxury car but Kia have really put their work into this car and have really pulled out all the stops. With its styling, long, elegant looks and beautifully crafted interior, Kia are really starting to come out of their shell now!

The stinger isn’t a slug though, they equipped this car with a choice of engines, one of them being their 3.3 turbo v6 petrol, which will keep up with the likes of an S5, the Kia does just look and sound exquisite, it is exquisite.

They seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this car because it is the best of two worlds, you get performance and the added luxury from the design, the interior and the comfortable adaptive suspension, meaning this car deserves to be on the list.

2. Aston Martin Vantage

More of a luxury sport’s car, the Aston Martin is very much luxury. Although £30k might not get you a newer model, you can still find an older Vantage for under the budget. That means you can still have an Aston Martin on the drive, bragging rights for anyone.

Aston Martin have been creating some fantastic luxury sport models for some time and the Vantage is just one of those that stands out from the crowd.

Buying an older model of Aston Martin is a great way to scream luxury, as the styling hasn’t aged, the technology was that advanced its kept up to most modern cars. They are just cool.

If all that doesn’t tickle your fancy just remember the smallest engine they had was the 4.3 V8, something that would bring music to your ears.

On top of that, Aston Martin’s Vantage still looks like royalty should be driving it, so if you want to have a luxury look, consider the Aston Martin Vantage.

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1. Mercedes S-Class

The pinnacle of luxury, would have to be the Mercedes S Class. Used to transport high end clientele and A list celebrities and used for limousine services, the S class is the top end of Luxury cars and you too can own one for under £30k!

And no you don’t even have to go 10 – 20 years old to own one, the S-Class is under budget and you can still get a fairly new model. The specifications of the cars are still incredibly high, with some of them having super wide dash screens and rich wood look all over the dash.

The S-Class is in fact in a class of its own, from the drive comfort, handling, spaciousness and the design, they have something to offer anyone that wants a bit of luxury in their life. If you have the cash or just want to shop and see what’s available we highly recommend giving an S-Class a go just to see what they are about, you won’t be disappointed.


Although the S-Class is the top of the list, all the cars and the ones that aren’t on this list all offer something different to everyone’s taste, it’s always best to shop around and see which one you like best to suit your needs, as a person with a family won’t be suited for an Aston Martin, but a single man or woman with the bling might be.

Either way let us know in the comments below what you think of luxury cars, whether you own one or just like looking at them, we want to hear what you guys think. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to join the chat.

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