Best Car Interior Accessories – 10 Most Popular – Boost And Camber

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Buying a car is always fun, it always gives you the creativity to modify it any way you want to create your vision, but you spend so much time inside the driver seat. So I decided to compile a list of the best car interior accessories to make the experience better.

All of these can be done to any car but not to everyone’s taste, but they should help get your thoughts moving and help you if you’re having trouble deciding what to do next.

So let’s get started with number one.

1. Short Shifter

The short shifter isn’t necessarily a visual but it makes a huge difference to the drive aspect of the car. What these do is affectively shorten the throw of the gears giving a sportier feel when shifting. No one likes to feel like they are taking their arm for a trip to the North Pole every time they put it in first.

These are usually pretty easy to fit with minimal tools and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials online to help fit one. They are also quite cost effective. If you have already done one on your car, you’ll know why it’s number 1.

2. Interior Lighting

No I don’t mean those bright neons, although I do mean leds. Led strips are a great little touch in the foot wells and around the door handles. They come in a variety of colours to match your cars colour scheme and they brighten up the dingy cabin you normally call home.

These are a little controversial but they genuinely make a car stand out when you get in and give different moods depending on the colours. They are a little trickier to fit and you will need a little help with the electrical side of things but they do make a big change.

3. New Mats

Quick and simple and easy good upgrade. So your new car came with some enterprise mats from the previous owner. They barely fit, they keep moving and sliding under your accelerator and you just hate them. Upgrade them, get some that for your car, some nice fancy embroided ones with different colour stitching make a nicer feel. They look the part and make it feel fresher and newer inside.

These are easy to fit, a little pricier though if you go for a top quality set but they make all the difference!

4. Change The Gear Knob

Your old standard knob is starting to look worn and you’re getting sick of sticking to it from that time you spilt that Pepsi and it just didn’t clean right. Well guess what? These just screw right off and you can chuck on whatever you want.

The design ideas for these are ace, from skulls, to those giant katana ones on the jap imports. They make driving a little different. Even if you just get a black one when the other was silver, just quick and easy. They don’t typically cost a lot of money either.

5. Sun Strips / Window Tints

Even though window rings are an ‘outside’ mod, they make a huge difference to how you feel on the inside. I remember tinting a 2006 focus to as dark as possible all round! It definitely changed the interior! These can be fitted by yourself or by a professional. I would pick a professional because otherwise they look like bin bags glued on by a blind man in the dark.

Sun strips also help with low sun in the winter months and help with glare whilst giving a cheeky race feel.

6. Rollcage / Weight Reduction

If you are heading to the track, doing a bit of street racing or just hate giving lifts, take everything’s out of you right car and make it super light. You may need a rollcage for support and safety but when you strip a car it’s like adding bhp because it’s not lugging around those heavy old seats

If you’re into the demolition business, throwing your seats out will be an easy job, takes a few hours of fiddling, but it makes a huge difference. But if getting a rollcage make sure it’s don’t professionally and not with drain pipes and duct tape.

7. Harness Seats

Harness seats look the part of a race car. They also annoy anyone trying to click in their seats before you throw them sideways in McDonald’s car park. They are super cool and make you look like you know what you’re doing in yoir 1.2 clio.

Harness seats are a lot of money though and may require a bit of modification to fit, so get a mate with experience to get these fitted in. They also cost quite a bit, so whatever your putting them in, make sure they aren’t worth more than the car.

8. Quick Release Steering Wheel

Let’s face it, this is also a safety feature, imagine getting in a car, trying to steal it and go ‘huh where’s the wheel’. Yeah, no brainer. Not to mention they have a cool look to them and you look even more baller walking round the shopping center with a steering wheel.

A few hundred quid will get you a decent one and they don’t take much to fit, bit frustrating, but if you fit one of these you will need a harness because they don’t come with airbags. But totally worth it.

9. Wrap The Dash

If you’re getting your windows tinted, you may aswel wrap your dash. That outdated display is boring. So just update it with a wrap. It could be carbon, sticker bomb, call of duty or even spongebob squarepants. The choices are endless. A bit like changing your fascia on your old Nokia 3310.

I would get a mate to fit this, one that did your windows. They don’t cost much to get done and it’s always in your vision while your driving, so you might aswel enjoy the view..

10. Aftermarket Stereo / Sound System

An aftermarket stereo doesn’t have to be a bad thing, there are so many options now and the price range is whatever you want to pay. You can even get an apple / Android one for a few hundred quid, then you’ve got Bluetooth and sat nav too!

Making it more modern and contemporary will really impress your friends. But that doesn’t mean they can change the radio station. Sound quality is also a big one, if your cruising along, you want to listen to the music not the road noise.

Mod With Care

Even though I say most of these are easy to fit and there are plenty of ideas and YouTube videos to help you, always get someone to check your work. Be safe while looking cool. No point in building something to find a ditch because you didn’t bolt something just right.

Have fun but remember to be safe doing it.

Have fun


Founder of boost and camber

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