BC Racing Coilovers Review – Are They Worth The Dosh – Boost And Camber

Be aware, there are quite a few brands of coilovers out there. One of them being the BC Racing Coilovers. But not all brands are up to scratch and of high quality as they say.

If you want a top quality brand that will not hurt your pocket and last you a few years. BC is probably as close as you’ll get.

This review is going to go through several points, good, bad, what you expect to pay, so you know if they are for you. So are they really worth the hype?

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Ride Quality

The first question that pops into everyone’s head when they want to buy new coilover is the ride quality. Whether your spending £3,000 or £300. You just want to know what you’re getting. Either way no one wants a numb bum from driving round the corner to the Tesco for a £3 meal deal, it’s just not worth it.

Although these aren’t the best money can buy they have got an amazing following and are recommended by loads of dealers and people, including Fitment Industries.

They aren’t too firm as they have adjustable damping so you can set them up for track use and have them firmer, or you can soften them up for daily driving, but still have a low ride.

Realistically these are a great option for all round use, giving great ride quality for the money.

Will They Last

This is a bit of a grey area, I mean if you use a knife to chop wood everyday it’ll blunt. If you chop butter everyday it’ll take longer to blunt. It really depends on how you drive.

If you are tracking every weekend and pushing it to the limit, it’s like everything, it’s going to break sooner than if you just drive it to the shops like Miss Daisy.

Take it steady and BC coilovers will last a lifetime, they are built for hard use, so taking them soft will lengthen their life. Drive em hard and they will still last, just not as long.

All in all these are built well and they have been known to go on 70k plus. Longer than my pay check lasts me.

They have a great following and recommendation for a reason.

Pros And Cons

Everything has good and bad points, so let’s see what we’re up against.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable damping
  • Good lows
  • Well known brand
  • Good build quality


  • Firmer than other brands
  • Not much car selection
  • If you have the money buy a set of kw coilovers but these are a great option if you don’t.

The pros outweigh the cons, if you want a set of BC coilovers, check this link and check the price, they are more affordable than higher end coilover.

How Low Can You Go

These can be dropped pretty well, they give a good stance for almost all cars. Depending on the car they can tuck the wheel quite nicely.

If you’re not after low and want to keep a stock height, you aren’t going to get it though, these are lower than most standard so you might already be lower setting them up at their highest.

Like all coilovers they are adjustable with the little key and the instructions. They go low enough to keep you smiling.

Worth The Dosh?

Being more mid range in price, for around £900 on Amazon (check the link), in comparison to kw coilovers would set you back around £2 – £3k, but JOMS being a couple hundred quid.

This gives them a higher end coilover without paying through the nose, unless you want that then check this link below.

For the money, they are worth the cash. Offering a great ride quality and adjustability, being able to go low, reports of long lasting and reliability. All that while having a good name for themselves and being recommended by some well known companies.

Worth the buy. Make sure you know what you’re doing when fitting, if not make sure you get someone that does, like a reputable garage.


Get em on, get em low and show us what you got.

If you’re running BC’s we want to know your views and how you’re getting on. Know a better brand get involved and tell us in the comments below.

Happy slamming