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Everyone wants their car to look like it’s just been detailed by the best, but in order to do that, you’ve got to have the best products. You might have tried all the named brands and some of them might have worked and some not so much. But the prices are sky-rocketing because they are so popular. Who else creates good automotive detailing supplies.

In this post we will go over who Juicy Details are, their top 5 products and where to find their products. Because for a company that isn’t as well-established as the big names they don’t get the credit they deserve.

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Who Are Juicy Details

Juicy details are a company that have been around for a while and have quite a good following, but they aren’t a big names brand like Auto Finesse or Meguiars, meaning they don’t have to charge the same sort of prices, but their products work just as well if not better.

Starting back in 2012, Juicy Details was being run by a guy called ‘Juicy John’, who later sold up in 2017 to Jay Godbold and his business partner. They bought the lot and decided to some tweaking and some hard work marketing their new products in order to give the best detailing products to the market.

Everything Juicy Details does is handmade in the UK And was designed by the detailers for the detailers. Meaning you’re getting cleaning products that only the detailers will use. Not only that, their products are affordable and produce fantastic results.

Bleeding Iron

Juicy details most popular product, bleeding iron is an iron and fallout remover, which will dissolve the embedded iron from all paintwork. It has been described as “bleeding brilliant”.

The liquid comes pre diluted, ready to spray, all you have to do is give the car a pre wash, spray on, give it 1 – 2 minutes while it turns purple and rinse off.

Bleeding iron will dissolve any brake dust / iron contaminants ready for when you start with your clay bar phase, meaning you aren’t going to be rubbing around any ferrous particles into your paintwork, helping to prevent from swirl marks.

Ezzee Bead Sealant

Another great product that has really come to light these last few years is the use of nano technology sealants. These sealants like ezzee bead are a great way to get a hydrophobic finish to your paint.

Ezzee bead is easy to apply and all it takes is a couple of squirts and a dry. Just wash your car as normal, going over one panel at a time, give ezzee bead a few squirts, then dry with a microfiber towel.

You can apply this onto wet or dry paintwork, just a simple dry off after application will suffice. Juicy details ezzee bead gives great beading and can last up to 3 months!

Arctic Wipeout Snowfoam

Snowfoam is becoming a big part of most people’s routine cleaning procedures. This is because it helps reduce the risk of damage to the paint by softening any muck or dirt that is on your car before you can get to it with your wash mitt.

Arctic wipeout is a great way to do this as it gives thick foam that clings to your car and will soften any dirt and grime and let it just drip off the car. Just do a mix ratio of between 10 and 20:1, attach to your pressure washer (we use a Nilfisk pressure washer and Autobrite Lance), then spray on and leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse off.

Arctic wipeout is a perfect addition to any person looking to keep their car clean and protect the pain from swirls and other debris damage, plus it looks awesome on Instagram photos.

Berry Quick, Quick Detailer

Quick detailers are a perfect way to add that show shine to your car. There are many benefits to a quick detailer, some of them are listed here

  • Top up your wax or sealant
  • Attract less dust
  • Remove bird droppings
  • Improve protection and gloss
  • Act as a rinse aid

These are all great uses for a quick detailer and with Berry Quick, you can do it with a great berry scent. Berry quick offers no streaks, deep glossy shine and if used regular can act as an anti static, meaning dust and dirt are less likely to cling to it. Perfect if you just drove to a show.

Pre Wash

Just a nice simple product from Juicy Details is their pre wash, which can be used instead of a snow foam and is mainly to help remove the heavier sticky things on your paintwork like bugs and tar.

Their pre was is nice and simple to use also, just apply a few squirts to the affected area and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes before spraying off.

Pre wash is an inexpensive way to help give your car a head start on your cleaning routine especially in the warmer months when bugs and tar are really in the air and you just can’t seem to remove them. This will shift them and prep your paint for the next steps.

Finding Juicy Details

Just like most companies and businesses, Juicy Details Camber found across all social media platforms, aswel as their own website and shop.

You can find them at, where they have more products available than the ones discussed up above. Some more products include:

  • Wrap detailer
  • Waterless wash and wax
  • Fabric cleaners
  • Glass cleaners
  • Polishes and waxes
  • Wheel cleaners and tire dressing
  • Accessories and merchandise

Go check them out on this banner below to see more about Juicy Details and the crazy affordable prices they offer.

Get Detailing

Kind makes you wish for the perfect car cleaning weather so you can just get out there and get cleaning that paintwork up. If you take as much pride in your cars as us, you’ll understand the pain of never having the perfectly clean car you really desire. It’s an OCD kind of game.

Enjoy cleaning your car? Why not drop us a comment and tell us your favourite products and your car cleaning experiences and stories, we love to hear from you guys! Or why not find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Happy detailing


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