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Everyone has their go to cleaning products and sometimes it’s hard to break the cycle and try new ones. For me it was Meguiars products, who are still my number one. But recently I bought a big set of Auto Finesse to shake things up. I bought a bit of everything just to see if all the products were really worth the hype.

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As Auto Finesse are a relatively new brand as apposed to others, I was a bit apprehensive, but I will do reviews of everything I bought and used for the last few weeks of cleaning.

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Pre Wash / Snowfoam

So first thing I like to do when I was my car and quite a few of you do it aswel, is to pre rinse the car with the hose and blast off any loose dirt. Then I will move onto a pre wash or snowfoam. This is great for your car as it helps to loosen any dirt on your delicate paint work and stop swirls and scratches happening when you get to the mitt wash phase.

The product I bought for this was Avalanche original. I would have gone for a funny smelling one because they offer different smells, but this was a top recommended.

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So my thoughts off the bat were that Avalanche Snow Foam using my Autobrite Lance created some serious suds, really thick and stuck to the car well. It smells really nice, which I like about a snow foam because it does go everywhere when I wash. So that’s 2 ticks so far.

The size of the bottle is huge, I got a 5 liter one because I knew I would go through it, but the bottle has lasted some time and it’s probably something I would buy again. Especially for the price.


  • Great suds that stick really well
  • The price is close to what you’d pay for a smaller tub of a lesser brand
  • Tub lasts a long time
  • Really does the job at getting the dirt up
  • Smells amazing
  • Won’t strip wax
  • Comes in different scents


  • Not quite pH neutral but still won’t strip wax

Overall I think the avalanche snow foam is fantastic bang for buck, the suds are great and the value is great. This is one I really struggled to find fault with, it really has topped my usual snow foam and I will be buying this again.

To shop for avalanche snow foam click this link


If your like me the contact wash is the scariest, it’s where the swirls can happen and potentially damage your paint. So in order to get a good finish before it is sealed in with polish and wax, I need a good quality shampoo to prevent damage and allow the wash mitt to glide over the paint.

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I went with Auto Finesse Lather. Again I chose the original scented rather than the fruity options that are available. I also like to use my Meguiars Grit Bucket which I prefer but I’m sure Auto Finesse have one that does just the same job.

After giving it a good wash a few times, I’ve noticed it has a very velvety feel, allowing the wash mitt to glide over with ease. It also has a great smell and produces a good amount of suds, although I found I had to use more to get the same amount as the Meguiars.

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The price seemed high at first but I realized it’s a bigger bottle than my normal purchases, so it was actually right on the money, especially with the quality. This stuff really will help protect your paint in a contact wash and although I won’t change from Meguiars I would use it again.


  • Brilliant velvet feel
  • Great scent
  • Fruity options available
  • Plenty of suds
  • Big lasting bottle at a great price
  • Streak free
  • Can be used on wheels but a wheel cleaner is recommended


  • Need to use more than other brands to get the same quality

Overall it was hard to find the cons of this product, if you want to buy a shampoo that will last you a long time, save your paintwork from swirls and has a great brand, go with this or Meguiars. It’s great stuff and won’t break your bank.

To shop for Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo, click the link below

To shop for a grit bucket and mitt, click these links below


The polish stage for me needs to be spot on because if it’s not done right, it’ll show when you protect it with wax, so it has to be a high grade polish. I don’t use a machine polish, I do all mine by hand so it has to be easy to apply.

Auto Finesse so four different polishes

  • Tripple, which is an all in one
  • Rejuvenate, which is a cleanser
  • Vision, a window polish
  • Ultra glaze, which is a show glaze

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I ended up buying the all in one, because I’m secretly sort of lazy and just wanted to give it a try. On first use I noticed it was a little separated, but gave it a good shake and it was good to go. First application was easy, for through a lot of panels quicker than normal. Rubbed in great and managed to clear up some previous swirl marks which were a bonus.

This stuff surprised me as I’ve used some great stuff in the past and with this being a new boy on the block, I didn’t know what to expect but it really did do a brilliant job and gave a massive shine to my finish. Highly impressed with the quality of polish for such a good price.


  • Fills swirls better than well-known brands
  • Smooth and easy to use by hand polish
  • Smells good
  • Price and value is great
  • Will last a fair few treatments


  • Nothing, literally one of the best I’ve used

Overall this stuff is fantastic and is just what you need to get a great finish. I really needed this stuff to be up to good standard so I could get a good finish with the wax, and it blew me away, great product, will definitely buy again.

To shop for Auto Finesse polish, click these links


This is my protection phase, I really like to nail this one because it’s what protects all my hard work I’ve done all day. So I need a good solid wax with durability and ease to apply. I noticed you can get a spray wax and a hand wax with Auto Finesse, I personally like to hand wax, because I feel it lasts longer than a spray. It takes a little longer but I enjoy the process.

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So there are quite a lot of options for wax, including a Cremé. But I went with an all around wax to make it simple, called essence. The other options available were for show cars, retro paint, lighter colours and so forth, which I like because it means I can pick a wax that suits my car, but I just went all round to try it out.

First impressions lead me to believe I had overpaid for this product as it didn’t seem like I got a lot, boy was I wrong. Even though I usually go for a harder wearing wax, this needs topping up every couple of month and after doing so, the tub isn’t going down. It is lasting far longer than expected, so great value for money

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After doing two light coats, I found it was easy to apply and easier to run off and have a super glaze and glossy effect, far better than other products I have used. I would give this an A star.


  • Was not expecting it to last this long
  • Brilliant glossy finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Great cost
  • Plenty of options for different paint types


  • Only lasts a couple of months, but they do offer a harder wearing option

Overall I will be buying more of these and trying all the other options to get a perfect finish and protection layer to my paintwork. Top notch stuff, just because the price is higher than normal doesn’t mean it’s not worth every penny, it is 100% worth it.

To shop for Auto Finesse wax click the link below

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is usually reserved for the likes of people who are classed as professionals, or dedicated detailers that have a fair bit of time on their hands, this is not me, nor have I used this product. But I intend to in the future as it will protect my paint all year round.

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They also offer ceramics for the wheels, the interior and the glass, so I will probably be buying the set that does them all so I can get full protection.

The reason ceramics are so popular at the minute is because they offer a high level of protection and make the service wash a lot easier so the muck just rolls off.

Auto Finesse have created these for even the novice detailer to get involved although personally I will be asking a professional to help me as my paintwork is precious and is something that isn’t easy to reverse if done wrong.

To shop for Auto Finesse Caramics click below

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My experience with this fairly new brand has opened my eyes. My car looks like a show car without spending a small fortune. I will be changing some of my products for Auto Finesse permanently and I will be implementing others alongside my usual gang of products.

All in all, I will be buying these again as they have given my car a great finish which is my main goal.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. But for now, happy cleaning and never underestimate the new kid on the block.


Founder of Boost And Camber

8 Replies to “Auto Finesse – Top Cleaning Products”

  1. Very in-depth article for someone that does not know a lot about what is best for your car. All the information you need at your fingertips.


    1. Thanks catherina, always happy to help, if you want any more tips just ask, I’m always available and I have an email if you want to keep in touch


    1. Hi Jessica!
      They are indeed, their brand is across UK and USA. You can find them on Amazon or on their USA website. Highly recommend, these are great products

  2. Great post!
    I learned a lot about which car washing products I should be using more.
    I have a car washing and cleaning routine that I like doing consistently but you have given me some great ideas. Using a 3 gallon bucket was a good size for me to aid with cleaning the car.
    The wax is something that I have not been as consistent with using after a car cleaning job but I look forward to using it more now.
    Are ceramic coatings worth using consistently for a newer car or is waxing generally enough to protect the car?
    Thank you for sharing this information!

    1. Hi Jesse Lee!
      Thanks! I try to be as informative as possible.
      Sounds like you’ve got a great routine already, but as far as ceramic or wax, it depends whether you like to wax every few month or just do a one off every year. I prefer to wax as I get more joy out of it, but I have payed for ceramic in the past.

  3. Hi Kevin – It is great to know this fairly new brand that gives a car a great finish and looks without a significant spend. Thank you for an exhaustive review providing the pros and cons and your recommendations. This makes it easier for us to decide. The Auto Finesse Lather Shampoo particularly interests us. We are very particular with a product that is easy to apply, provides super glaze and glossy effect, while at the same time protecting the paint.

    1. Hey JRandZen
      Thanks for commenting! I used the lather just this morning to be honest, I find I like the velvety texture from this shampoo, it makes running the wash mitt that little easier without pulling on the paint.
      It really is affordable too, I spent around £150 on products and they are lasting me through the whole year.
      Thanks again

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