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Getting more power out of your car doesn’t have to be that difficult anymore, or expensive. A lot of people now are buying Race chips, a plug in and play option to boost your cars potential. But are Race Chips any good?

In this post we will be exploring what a Race Chip does, how much difference it can make and where YOU can BUY your own Race Chip for your car.

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What Is A Race Chip?

With remapping and modifying cars becoming more and more popular, people want the quickest the cheapest option to save time and money. We all have jobs and lives and sometimes it’s difficult to book in at the top performance garages.

So the easiest option is to get a Race Chip. These can be bought online, delivered to your house and installed on your drive with no mess no fuss and offer great returns on your performance and economy.

But how does it work?

The RaceChip is placed between the motor controls and the motor sensors and changes the signals such as injection amount, air pressure changes, fuel injection among other things to give an increase in power and economy.

This is easy to install, just plug in and play, they come with full instructions and a dedicated customer helpline if you struggle with installation. But this is the easiest way to improve your car without spending thousands and going to a garage to do it.

Can I Get More Power AND Economy?

You absolutely can get an increase in power and economy. This is all done by changing the driving behavior. With the increase of torque, it means you have a better low end and mid range torque, allowing you to shift up sooner, giving you a lower overall RPM and over all lowering your fuel consumption.

Great news if you do a lot of driving and need to save some money on the commute and with the increase in power because who doesn’t want more power. More power is always good in tricky situations and more fun getting up to speed on the motorway.

How Much Power Can I Get?

What about how much power you can gain from a RaceChip? Well it all depends on which chip you go for as they have 4 levels of performance for different needs.

  • The S
  • The RS
  • The GTS
  • The GTS Black

Each one will do something different, like adding more power and maximizing the performance. Each one has a different increase at a different cost. If you go for the S, it will give you a power increase of up to 20% and up to a 15% fuel efficiency increase.

But if you spend a little more you could increase those numbers up to 30% performance and 20% economy. It depends on your car and how much you want to spend.

To find out how much more power your car could make CLICK THE LINK BELOW

Click Here To Shop For RaceChip

Does RaceChip Offer A Warranty?

The one thing everyone is concerned about it what happens in the event of a breakdown. RaceChips won’t directly cause a breakdown or failure of any components, but as it hasn’t increased power and you do misuse the engine, you may be at risk of premature failures. Drive with care and service in accordance.

If you are still worried about in the event of something happening, the great thing is that a RaceChip can come with up to a 2-year warranty. The GTS And GTS Black come with a 2-year warranty and the RS comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a nice piece of mind.

What you get covered in this warranty though is what makes the difference, if in the unlikely event there is an engine malfunction, RaceChips warranty cover the engine up to £8,000 with no excess, considering your car isn’t over 3 year old or has done 100,000km.

A nice touch from the RaceChip team to give you a piece of mind in the unlikely event of something bad happening.

What’s The Difference Between S, RS, GTS And GTS Black?

Another great thing RaceChip offer is different entry levels for their chips. These entry levels offer different levels of performance and economy depending on your budget. I will go over the benefits of each one to help you chose which best suits you.

The S – The S model is your basic level of performance and the most affordable, great for someone who wants a bit of power without spending all his / her wages on a map. This model gives you 5 levels of tuning and can increase performance by up to 20% and economy by 15%. A big difference for a base model chip.

The RS – this model gives you 6 levels of tuning, 1 year warranty (up to £2,400), performance upgrade by up to 25% and economy increase by up to 20%. Bigger increases and it is one of RaceChips bestsellers. Another great point is this is where you can add the app control for an extra £50 and do everything through your phone.

The GTS – The GTS is our personal favorite as it gives you up to 30% performance increase and 20% economy increase. Which are great numbers for a plug and play. Not only that but you get 7 settings, 2 years of warranty (up to £4,000), 1 x reprogram if you change cars and the ability to app control for £50.

The GTS Black – this is the highest level you can get with RaceChip. This isn’t essentially the same as the GTS only your warranty covers you up to £8,000, great for more expensive cars, a warm up timer to let you know optimal times for setting off and an extra reprogram if you change your car a second time.

Out of these the RS is the bestseller on the RaceChip website, but our recommendation would be the GTS as it has the best power and economy’s increases, with all the benefits of warranty and app usage, without paying top dollar.

Plug And Play

If you are interested in finding out how much power you can get from a RaceChip or you want to buy one, CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

Click Here To Find Out More

Then once it arrives, plug in, play and have fun. Drive responsibly and enjoy your new-found power.

If you have anything to add to this or you want to share your experience with RaceChip, drop a comment below, we love hearing from our fans.

All the best guys!


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