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The future is coming, there’s no doubt about that. With the dawn of a new decade comes the dawn of new cars. The last decade brought us the electric car and luxury electric cars and even some electric vans and SUVS. But are electric cars the future?

Tesla is indeed leading the way, everyone else is moving to electric cars, like Renault, Nissan, BMW And so forth. It seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon. There’s probably a reason for it, but it doesn’t mean it’s the future. The reason electric is becoming so popular right now is because it’s new and ‘economical’.

In this post we will go over why driving an electric car might be a benefit, whether they are good for the environment, missing and he gas guzzler and what the future holds.

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Why Drive An Electric Car?

Petrol cars and electric cars both have plenty of benefits, there are reasons to buy either. But why would you drive an electric car?

Electric cars have recently taken the market quite rapidly and a lot of them are becoming quite luxurious and unique, but for us petrolheads it’s a bit of a different story. Even though we love fast, loud and low cars, electric cars or EV’s (electric vehicle) can only offer fast and potentially low cars.

The noise of a big engine is no more with an EV, which kind of puts us off, but that’s perfectly normal because we are petrolheads at heart.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the EV though, it ticks 2 boxes, so can we not sacrifice a little bit of noise for an environment saver? I don’t think you can, but that’s why the world gave us project cars.

I believe there is a great place on peoples drives for the EV as they offer these things:

  • Little or no cost for fuel
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Great government backing when you buy a new EV
  • Acceleration
  • Health benefits

Personally, I like the idea of an EV, I would probably own one, then slam it, then just use it as a daily runner to save money so I can throw more money at my project car, but that’s just me. You never know, you might love the EV more than you think.

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Do They Really Save The Environment?

It’s no secret, electric cars take a lot of energy to produce. From the chassis to the battery, there are a lot of waste gases emitted into the atmosphere from creating one electric car. But experts say, in the long run, the EV will produce less toxins into the air than a conventional as after it is created, it won’t produce any co2.


So in the long run, yes, they will save the environment, but in the short term, no because the cost to the environment to create one is higher than a combustion engine. Maybe this will change in the future and maybe car manufacturers will click on, they are still in early phases of EV technology though.

What Would We Miss About Gas Guzzlers?

Banging your car into 3rd and flooring it, hearing the roar of your exhaust, fast and furious style. You won’t get any of that with an EV. Shame.

Most combustion engine cars offer an awesome soundtrack, they give us eargasms when we hear them tearing up the street, turning over from cold, pops and bangs. You don’t get this with an electric car, they have a weird whine, which is kind of off putting.

On top of that, there are only a handful of electric cars that I think look good. I understand they are trying to be original and futuristic, but I would prefer the look of a Mustang. Then again, can you imagine a Mustang with no sound, it’s like muting Need For Speed.

Other than those things, the noise and the looks, id still have one. The futuristic look does kind of appeal and the noise, wel, who needs noise when your parked up on a stand and aired out.

What Does The Future Hold?

In the UK the government is trying to sway us all from the way of the Diesel engines by penalising them for driving through city centres, offering great scrapage schemes and increasing the tax on anything registered from April 2017.

They are also offering great government schemes when you buy a new electric car, to try and incentivise is to buy an electric car. Which is nice and all but it’s a bit expensive when you could just buy a half decent used EV for half the price.

The future for EV’s is looking bright, there seems to be no sign of them slowing down and there are more and more of them on the road every year, it’s just a shame they aren’t the best looking cars.

As Tesla recently released the Cybertruck jusy last year, there is a sign that there will be a new market to explore and new models to be created, making the EV market exciting. Keep a look out in the future for what is to come.


Slam An Electric Car

The electric cars are no slouch, they have been known to pull a man to 60 in 2 – 3 seconds. No turbo lag and no revs gives them an upper hand and putting you back in your seat.

So if they are fast, why can’t they look cool? Well that’s a challenge in itself. Why don’t we see more Slammed / stanced / hellaflush Electric cars? I think we should!

I think if we ever had the opportunity, we would have to buy one, lower it, make it our project and see how good we can make an electric car look.

If you have an electric car or thinking of getting one, share your experience below in the comments, or share your car to one of our social media accounts, Instagram is best!

Happy slamming