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Have you ever been to a show and seen some super low cars and though “how did they do that?”. It’s usually due to air ride suspension, although coilovers are very popular, Air Ride is getting increasingly more popular for even the daily driver, who might want a smoother ride while looking good or the show car that needs to be touching the ground.

Either way there are loads of questions surrounding air ride and what it’s benefits are, keep reading to find out how air ride could be better than coilovers for you.

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What Is Air Ride?

Air ride suspension is suspension that is adjustable using bellows instead of springs. The bellows will take place where your normal suspension goes and will be controlled by a compressor in your boot, which can be operated from the drivers seat.

The compressor is activated and pumps air into the bellows to lift the car and the pressure is released to lower the car back down.

Some people have found a way to hook up their compressor to their phone and lift and lower their car without being in it. This is what I consider the future.

Although air ride sounds fancy, it’s actually quite simple in how it works. It just requires a bit more technical skill to have it installed.

Air ride is currently very popular amongst the car enthusiasts and show cars as it gives a great stance and makes the car look incredibly cool, but it’s not all about looks, there are several benefits to fitting air ride to your car.

Benefits Of Air Ride?

If you are thinking of fitting air ride to your car, there are some great reasons to do so. If you are having doubts and would prefer coilovers, that’s also alright as they aren’t for everyone. But these are the main benefits of air ride.

  • The drive quality is better
  • Less road noise
  • Adjustable at the touch of a button
  • Super lows
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Versatile for change in road surfaces
  • Great performance

If you think about it, they are a great alternative to coilovers because they are adjustable at any time, so if you are going to an unknown area and come across a speed bump, you can heighten the car, carry on as normal and lower it on the other side, without unpleasant scraping and banging.

They are a load smoother too as they are filled with air and not stiff rigid springs. So you won’t get that horrible bumpy ride that happens in Cheaper coilovers.

Is Air Ride Good For Daily Drivers

Driving a car every day, around town, to work and back, to the girlfriend / boyfriends house, you just want to be comfortable whenever you are in your car. So as air suspension is a more comfortable option, it’s safe to say these are great for everyday use and daily driving.

If you think about it your car is on cushions of air, so it’s going to make the bumps in the road more bare able, so you don’t panic every time you hit a pot hole.

Most people are incorporating air ride into their daily drivers aswel as their show car, just for the comfort aspect and not even for the lows, even though they are a huge benefit.

How Long Will Air Suspension Last

Typically speaking, it depends on how much and how hard you drive your car. Things wear out over time as we all know. So it’s hard to say how long they will last. It also goes on how well they are installed and what setting they are on, what the road surface is like, so forth.

What most air ride suspension people say though is their products will last is between 50,000 and 70,000 miles or 10 years, although this can vary the things mentioned above.

What Kind of Drop Will I Get

If you’ve ever seen a car on air suspension, you will know they look incredibly low, once all the air is out of them. Pump em back up and you’ve got a nice riding car.

But air suspension for me is the lowest you can go, probably lower than coilovers although there are people out there that get low without bags.

Personally, you can’t beat air ride for low, you will more than likely be able to touch the floor with your under tray.

So let’s put this in perspective. You get great ride quality, you get a really great stance and adjust ability and it’s widely used amongst enthusiasts, with good durability. Sounds too good to be true.

Where Can I Buy Air Suspension

Even though air suspension can be more expensive than other options, it can also be cost effective and even cheaper than a high end coilover. But that being said, I could never find somewhere to buy them.

You can go to some dedicated garages around the UK that offer fitting at a cost, or you can home install if you have the knowledge. Typically, the parts you will need will come as part of a kit.

Air Technik offer great air ride kits for most cars if you are looking to fit it yourself for a bit of fun and save some money. They are also in the USA and UK markets, so everyone can get a hold of what they have to offer aswel.

To buy Air Ride Suspension CLICK HERE


All in all, air suspension is a great way to modify your car if you are looking to get a great stance and have ride quality. It isn’t the be all end all of suspension as there are some great quality alternatives, it just really depends on your needs.

Personally I love air ride, but that might be my age setting in and I can’t handle a stiff ride as well as I used to. But it’s your car, your money, play with it as you wish, just enjoy the process of modifying.

Thanks for reading


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