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Buying a car to modify it and show it off is always fun, something about the build project just gets us car guys going. Even just researching how your car could look is one of our favourite past times. But where do you start? Here are 5 of the best car modifications you can do to your car to start with.

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1. Suspension

Suspension is always the first go to point of call for any first modifications, as they improve the look and performance of your car. You don’t even need to accessorize with big fancy wheels just yet because even a dropped car on stock wheels still looks good.

This first modification can be done on the cheap or you can spend as much as you like, depending on what your goals are. If you are looking for a quick easy drop, you could just add some lowering springs, if you want a dramatic drop but can’t afford a lot, coilovers might be for you.

Although the one we strive for most is Air Lift Suspension as it gives the best ride quality and gets you low when you need it. Perfectly ideal for a daily drive of show car.

Either way, the key Here is to just get the car Lowered somehow, because it will enhance the look of your car and is a good foundation for whatever you do next.

2. Wheels / Tires

Now you’re Lowered you need to get yourself a nice set of wheels to compliment the look of your car. The best thing to do is do some research and find out what looks good and find the wheels you prefer the best. A great way to do this is to go on Fitment Industries website and check out their gallery. You can do so by clicking THIS LINK.

There are tonnes of combinations to the different wheels you can add to your car, so finding the right ones can be tricky but with some help from a specialist like Fitment Industries they can help you pick the right size and style to suit your car.

The tires are also really important, they are like your trainers. A good pair of trainers will last longer than a cheap pair, same goes for tires. Not to mention you need to be grippy and if you’re not gripping, you’re going to have a bad time. Wheel spins in dry weather, faster wearing tires, reduction in performance are all the downsides of cheap tires.

The cure is to buy a good set of tires as it will not only look better on your wheel but your cars handling and performance (maybe even economy) will increase.

3. Splitter Kits

Something that is quite new to modern cars seems to be splitter kits or low line kits, whatever you call them. They are basically add-ons to the bottom of your bumpers to give a lower looking car and bring the bumper lower to the ground. Giving a more Lowered look.

These are becoming more popular and are relatively inexpensive compared to going down the body kit route, where they will require extensive work and might not match up.

Good splitter companies in the UK include

  • Triple R Composites
  • Delta Styling
  • Maxton Designs

We personally love the look of delta styling kits but it’s all personal preference and how you want your car to look.

4. Exhausts

Another great modification to get your ball rolling is exhaust upgrades. These aren’t just for performance or for looks, they are for your ears. Hearing a great exhaust note (for some reason) gives us more pleasure when we drive our cars. I’m not talking about the fart cannons, but a nicer deep rumble rather than a standard.

Exhausts can be done in several ways including pre-made exhausts like cat backs from Milltek or Scorpion, all the way through to the real custom jobs from an exhaust specialist like Top Gear Performance who will do a full custom exhaust system tailor made to suit the sound of your car.

Obviously Top Gear Performance might not be in your area but there are reputable exhaust companies up and down the country. Just do a quick google search and check the reviews before opting into a custom exhaust system.

5. Remaps

Remaps are simple, easy, quick modifications to do to your car and should be at the top of your list. Driving a car can sometimes feel like it’s lacking something, like a little more power. Remaps can increase your performance and give some love back into your car and keep you excited a little longer.

Although they are beneficial to most turbo cars, they aren’t really aimed at anything that is N/A. Naturally aspirated engines don’t get the benefit of a remap like a turbo / supercharged car does and won’t be very effective. But if you own a turbo car, your in look as it can make a huge difference to how your car drives.

Remaps are done by professionals all over the UK, but if you can’t get to a professional, you can always do the DIY option which is faster and quicker as it is a plug and play option. One of the best websites for these are RaceChip and they offer 3 levels of performance for affordable prices and you don’t have to travel the country.

Just click this link below to shop for RaceChip.

What Not To Do

Some of the main points to take into modifying your car are

  • Don’t Rush anything
  • Dont half arse, get it right
  • Don’t jump in with no research
  • Don’t try to do everything alone
  • Don’t be a ricer

The definitive list of not to do’s. There are probably more, but I cannot list them all. Just be sensible, don’t cut corners and ask for help if you are stuck. You won’t look very cool if your car falls to bits on a busy road.


Everything in consideration, modifying a car should be fun and enjoyable and give you a sense of pride when it’s all done, but these are the great foundations for getting started on whatever journey you want to partake in.

If you enjoyed this post or want to just chuck in your 2 cents, drop a comment below and let us know what you think. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy modifying



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