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Who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air? Something that has been long awaited for in the aftermarket wheel department is something unique and something that stands out, something 3SDM Wheels do in the UK.

But who are 3SDM and what wheels do they make? Are they really worth buying a set? Keep reading this blog post to find out more and see if the 3SDM Wheels are a perfect fitment for you!

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Who Are 3SDM?

3SDM are a UK wheel company based on the South of England that was formed back in 2011. It was created by a bunch of car enthusiasts that were sick of the aftermarket wheels available. So bored and stale they decided to take over the custom forged wheel market.

They started creating the freshest 3 piece split wheels for the likes of Liberty Walk and other car enthusiasts around the world and have started to dominate the car culture with their awesome designs.

With a fast growing wheel company and decades worth of experience they have really been a breath of fresh air in a stale parts market, they produce some of the best wheels for the Euro car market and they produce wheels for nearly every car out there.

They haven’t just stuck with what they know, they’ve been listening to us guys and know exactly what we want from a wheel, how we want it to look and stand on a car. Car guys making wheels for car guys.

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How Are They Made?

Once an order is placed for a set of 3SDM forged wheels you order a one off set of wheels, this means that the designers will get to work with all the information, whether you have OEM or aftermarket brakes in order to give you your unique set of wheels. Giving you a set of wheels to fit your specific car.

Once the designers are at work they check everything with the latest technologies to make sure the wheels will be safe and fit for purpose when they are created. The designs are then sent to the CAM programmers and the wheel crafting gets under way.

ALL 3SDM Wheels are made out of the highest quality aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminium which gives a much higher quality and stronger rim. This gives them the edge over their competitors in offering a far superior wheel.

Their CNC milling is done by Renishaw optical technology to ensure the Center-zero is found with microscopic accuracy. From there every hole, pocket, face, facet and radii are crafted one by one to bring the designers ideas to life.

What Cars Do They Look Good On?

These wheels look great on any car, but they are more prone to being used on the Euro Car Scene. For example most Audi’s, Volkswagen, BMW And Porsche. Although they do look pretty sweet on a Ford Mustang.

Although saying that, 3SDM work rather closely with the likes of Liberty Walk And often you will see a set of 3SDM Wheels In The likes of a Ferrari or a Maclaren as they offer such high quality wheels.

In reality, anything with Air Suspension or Lowered Coilovers And a nice body kit can really make the car stand out with a nice set of 3SDM wheels as they have the freshest look on the market today.

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What Are Their Best Wheels?

If you’re after something unique, you can choose any of these top wheels by 3SDM, they are all beautifully crafted and look absolutely stunning on just about any car. This list is composed of some of our favourite wheels created by 3SDM.

Cast Wheels

Flow Forged

Forged Wheels

All these wheels are all personal preference. Entirely up to you and what car you are building, whether it’s an old Retro Beetle or an Audi R8. If you have any issues deciding, there is always Fitment Industries gallery of cars or just get in touch with 3SDM personally and they will help you chose a set of wheels.


Overall 3SDM Wheels are a fantastic set of aftermarket wheels for anyone wanting to upgrade the look of their car. You don’t even have to an absolute baller to be able to afford a set, even though they give that impression as they roll by through the city centers.

We think that their uniqueness to market and their styling has really hit the car scene by storm and have really nailed the stance look on the head, their designs are flawless and almost effortless. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, whether you own a set of 3SDM or are looking to buy your first set, we love to hear from you. If you want to get in touch, we have a Facebook, Instagram and twitter, just find us and get in touch.

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